AK-47 reportedly found linked to someone trying to gain entrance to the People's convoy staging; officially, the convoy has left & on its way to North Carolina: security and police reduced the threat

by Paul Alexander

The convoy is off out of Hagerstown, moving to North Carolina; rally Friday morning 9 am NC; altercation at the entrance a day before Dr. Malone and Dr. Alexander spoke; details below

The report is that someone tried gaining access to the trucker stager area and was stopped, I do not know why. We were told there was an altercation for some reason at the entrance. The car the person was driving is impounded, and the person is without bail; also, there was a handgun originally found on person but then it was reported (on anonymity at this time given the police have not made an official report) that a heavy weapon, AK-47, was found in the vehicle. It is in the custody of the police we were told. We were also told the person has identified or is identified as affiliated with antifa. I was sitting there in a meeting when we were told this on anonymity. Its what we were told and this is to be affirmed.

I as someone who was on that site am trying to get more details for this is/was a very concerning issue. This is the security risk people like McCullough, Malone, Kory, myself etc. that we deal with each day, all around us. Its what happens when you take the decision to stand up and speak out. We live in a world today when if you decide to tell the truth and share information, you are in danger.

Thank God for the good work of the convoy security and the local police in that situation, I praise the police.

My aim is to tell you the truth and what I know. I thank the DC police, the Virginia police, the Maryland police for the collaboration across time. I am not the leadership of the convoy but sat in the meetings and listened and even gave my views to the police. The key always was to keep peace and make it seamless as the convoy exercised its rights. I know that there are legal matters now as to how the trucks could have been blocked form DC and this will be addressed in its forum. The police I sat with who planned the convoy routes with leadership and worked it out as they went into DC were good people. I have to be honest, often its leadership etc. and things go sideways. I am not commenting on that, I am saying those we dealt with were very good people, fine police, doing their job. I support the blue.