ALARMING & very DANGEROUS move by New Zealand's court: "New Zealand takes custody of baby over parents transfusion objection" parents object to use of blood from vaccinated person due to SPIKE protein

by Paul Alexander

agree with these parents; if surgery is needed quickly & it has good chance of success, then do it; yet parents have every right to demand this; MSN article full of deception, vax NOT safe & effective

Is this madness coming to America soon? Would the government take your child, children if you refused vaccine spike protein laced blood in a transfusion? I suggest you think seriously about this and plan for it.




“New Zealand’s High Court on Wednesday took custody of an infant whose parents insisted that he receive blood only from donors who had not been vaccinated against the novel coronavirus, a demand the court said prevented doctors from performing lifesaving surgery.”

These doctors say they care and want to save the baby’s life, yes, of course, like how you doctors cared:

1)helping promote lockdowns that suffered and killed New Zealanders

2)helping promote school closures that killed

3)denied early treatment that was safe, cheap, effective

4)like how you helped force and allow the vaccine mandate knowing the vaccine is and was a fraud and dangerous

5)like how you partook in the lie that vaccinal immunity was superior to natural immunity

Doctors should be investigated, world over, for their role in the travesty, the deaths due to the fraud COVID and lockdown lunacy policies and the roles they played in allowing and promoting this. Their actions as doctors world over, costed lives.