Albert Bourla, Pfizer's CEO tests positive for COVID for a second time: he has had 4 FAILED shots & now on FAILED Paxlovid; he has not taken booster (5th shot); 2 positives 1 month apart, is it VAIDS?

by Paul Alexander

VAIDS? I sure wish him a good recovery, full back to his family, human being to human being, but as the CEO of Pfizer & the malfeasant he is, the criminal IMO he is, I want him investigated & JAILED!

If it is definitively shown his actions costed lives with the fraud vaccine and it is, then he must be held accountable. I think he is even scared of his new bivalent booster. Won’t touch that.

Yet does Bourla have VAIDS (vaccine acquired immune deficiency syndrome)? From his own vaccine?


Pfizer CEO tests positive for COVID for a second time