Alberta, it's the vaccine, stupid, it's the vaccine! What else can I say to you idiots as to how much you harmed & killed innocent Albertans: "Alberta has seen roughly 10,000 'excess' deaths since

by Paul Alexander

2020, & COVID doesn't explain it all'; of course COVID cannot explain it all, we see as virus is not killing elderly in 2022 to now, a spike in deaths in young & middle aged persons! VACCINE, stupid!

And not just the vaccine that Jason Kenney allowed to kill Albertans, Canadians, it is the insane ZERO-COVID lockdown lunacy he espoused, him and his government that prevented people from being treated and as such, their chronic and emerging illnesses went untreated and now, many are too far along the disease sequelae to get treatment. They are dying, thanks to you Jason et al. I want you, all of you beasts investigated and imprisoned if we could for the deaths!

Let us see what Danielle Smith does, over to you Premier Smith. We know with half your brain tied behind your back you will do better than NDP, but you got to clean house of the demons and malfeasants around you. Much more to do!


NDP is a non-starter so come on, we have a province to fix and heal! A proud Canadian citizen I am!

Also, companies like The Wellness Company can do wonders in Alberta, with it's ideas and depth chart. Consider them, will bring jobs and security to Alberta.

‘The number of Albertans who died over the last three years was significantly higher than what would be considered normal for that stretch of time, and not all of that increase is attributed to COVID-19 deaths, according to new data from Statistics Canada.

Weekly death estimates from the federal agency show there were 9,821 extra deaths over the course of the pandemic, from early 2020 to the first week of November 2022. That is, close to 10,000 more people died than what would normally be expected for the same time period. Researchers call this number excess deaths.’