Alex Berenson, once again your disdain for Dr. Naomi Wolf is evident; we know you insulted her openly prior & seem fixated on her; why? why slander her this way hiding behind Kerpen, you are very rude

by Paul Alexander

She should have sued you prior! oh btw Alex, sue me! Let us go on record examining what you write and what you 'know' given what is out there about 'your' work and if you really own it. So sue me!

What do you mean “once again fixing a mess from Naomi Wolf.”? You are very out of order. Distasteful! I am angered for I sensed when you spoke outside the Brownstone inauguration, that you have an anti-woman thing going on! It plays out easily.

What you said has contributed to people in that thread smearing Dr. Wolf. Why did you do that? Kerpen had a point to make but the gentleman and mannered person he is, he spoke about the issues he had and questions. He pointed out what he thought was a miscalculation. He even alluded to it being ‘her group’ meaning she has a group of scientists working for her, we all know this and someone made an error (if they did). He did not make it a fatal error in his description. You did! By this very tweet. I am shocked by you Alex, shocked.



Naomi should have sued Berenson for what he said prior and what he even said a second time (Brownstone opening, he knows what I mean, he was very disdaining and demeaning and slanderous to Dr. Wolf when she was not present, in front of some of the world’s top scientists, I was there in the group and was shocked. I spoke out and walked away). Thank goodness I and someone else there told you that you were out of line! Every time you have a chance to slander her, you do! Why? Why take such liberties?

I don’t approve of these actions by Berenson, very distasteful. His TWITTER ban seems to give him some kind of status he does not have and is not capable of. IMO.

Alex, I have nothing against you and wish you the best. I read everyone’s work to learn. I am not best in anything. I try. I respect you and everyone to the extent you do same. I love everyone but your actions on Dr. Wolf are staggering. And yes, you took a swipe at Naomi, I will take one at you now for what you just did openly is very terrible.

Yes, I am very angry and disappointed with what you did here and it smacks of misogynistic, anti-woman, hateful, disrespectful, demeaning stances to Dr. Wolf. You show bad form. Why did you not attempt to reach her? Do you think you have any of her ability? Her capacity?

Word is Alex, I cannot recall their names for they came up to me in various rallies and it was loud, rallies and conferences I talk at and asked about your feud with Dr. Wolf given I know her. Look what you did today verifies this has been ongoing. They told me they were told that some do some of your work and you publish it as yours. Is this true? I did not believe them. This would be very bad Alex.

I told them I cannot believe that for that is disregarded and frowned upon and terrible in academic circles. I told them to not say it to anyone for that is not good. But did I write that to anyone? No. Did I rush out like you, who have this proclivity to openly attack people e.g. Malone, early treatment folk and IMO, you actually have no idea what you are talking about as to LONG COVID or early treatment etc. Did I? No, I read your stuff, give you the benefit. As I said, I respect you and your craft and everyone.

I am defending a sister here. Her credibility as a top academic.

Did you know she is an Oxford doctor, Rhodes scholar?

Again, going on FOX does not make you an expert. I have been there, you even have scripted questions. So again, why did you slander her this way? You did a terrible thing. You hurt a good, decent human being who is fighting out there like no other. All you accomplished is hurt a decent human being trying to fight for children, women’s health etc.

If this was a mistake by Naomi or her team or someone on her team and she was misinformed or whatever, and I have not looked at it yet, it must be a genuine mistake and I am not even saying it is a mistake. I have not studied it yet. It may be a word issue, the way it is written etc. May be her team gave the wrong file etc. Have you not made mistakes? I have. Many. We are all human. It can only be a mistake and you respect your professional colleagues, this is not secondary school where we rush to score points on each other. Or it may be correct. Or needs restating etc. But I am sure too she knows her stuff and if it did, would have gotten around to it.

Your attack was to destroy her. I cannot tell you how distasteful it is.

Dr. Wolf has more skill and depth than you could ever have! IMO. Why can’t you give her the due respects?

But if this was a mistake, as a courtesy, if you were polite and respectful you should have reached out. If you did not have coordinates, you could have asked someone. We operate this way in our research circles. Humility and respect. But not you, you chose to disrespect the lady openly. Her good name. Her career.

Look, I do not agree with you often, and I am troubled if what I was told is true. It may or may not be true and I have no way to clarify. I am not even interested. But even if I did not agree with your views, I do not say it openly. I would reach you.

I am however, given what you just did, glad Dr. Pierre Kory wiped the floor with you in that interview you did, you looked out of place as you should be, and for the life of me I don’t know why Kirsch would invite you when there are far more capable people in the area of discussion. His show, so not my call. But as they say in marriages, Kirsh and Kory married down, you married up being there.

You have basically moved to destroy the career of someone who is a patriot, a fighter in this battle. Complete. Yet all she is guilty of is trying to help save lives of women. This COVID injection is very harmful to women and especially pregnant women. It was never studied appropriately. One instance of a miscarriage is a huge concern if due to the injection that was not needed. Pregnant women were excluded from the registrational trials for a reason, for the FDA knew that we never ever give a pregnant women a biologically active agent. Ever. That we have not even studied yet!

The bible says Jesus reserved his harshest words for hypocrites. ‘Bottomless pits, brooding vipers, empty tombs”. I don’t know, I am not a biblical scholar but you are a hypocrite, IMO.

I implore you to apologize to Dr. Wolf for this is a near fatal blow to use the descriptives you did. She is a leader in the academic world, among us her peers, and a standard bearer. Well respected. Nothing short of an open apology will do.

I gave you always the benefit of the doubt. Why did you not give her the benefit that it was a mistake? Any deference? Why slay her this way? Openly?

If this was my wife you openly smeared this way, in person I would have told her go up to you and slug you and if you responded by striking her, I would have then decked you! You are so disrespectful IMO of women!

I am sure you would have not used these descriptives for a male scientist. You would have used others. There is something about Naomi you hate and detest and you should stop fixating on her, and insulting her this way in open forums. I ask you as one professional to another, to leave her alone and not write about her again!