Alex Berenson said he will vote democrat before Trump if Trump was the nominee in 2024: I go at Berenson & defend him too when needed, here, well here, you lost me Alex! in January 2020 (pre COVID)

by Paul Alexander

Trump was unstoppable and it is the deceit and lies and malevolence of the COVID Task Force and deepstate & RINOs & Fauci & Birx that hurt him with fraud lockdowns; start from there!

IMO, Berenson is nuts to say this or think this. Alex here seems more emotional and has some personal Trump issues and its his right. Clearly he is anti-Trump. I am not. But he cannot be thinking right. Give me a democrat that loves America and flag and police and constitution and anthem etc. in govn, I would consider them too. But can you find any and people who are willing to stand up and not kneel??? I mean in govn or who are out there? Not saying they do not exist within society. You cannot, not in this party find such a democrat and you say you will vote for a Democrat before Trump? Then for sure you are hitting the bottle my brother. Still admire your work and soldiering in the beginning with us on fraud lockdowns. You deserve praise for that. But you are nuts as to that statement on Trump. Trump did more for America than all democrat POTUS combined since 1776. You show me who did more and he did it in one year, as the first 2 years were DOA by Paul Eunuch ‘Benedict Arnold’ Ryan. So do not just say it, show us the record of why a democrat over Trump. One year, in Trump’s year 3, Trump did more for blacks than Obama and Biden did in 8. Think about it Alex. Go sit and think about what I just said. I don’t care about his personality etc. I care about policy, deeds, accomplishments and America loving.

Now RFK jr raises some issues to think about. He loves America, his party does not. But this is a good man, patriot. He checks many good boxes. I know him. If he is in the race as a democrat, and Trump does not clean up the lockdown disaster or the deadly vaccine, then he is a strong option. Strong. Look, the lockdowns and vaccine hurt Trump and he was misled. He has to address that by telling the people key things like i)he understands how much the lockdowns and vaccine effects hurt, ii)how he will reverse the liability protection, iii)how he will set up a lockdown and vaccine victim compensation fund iv)how he will work the rest of his life to ensure there is justice for the wrongs done under COVID among many other things to make them, the people, ‘whole’ again.

I think even some Trump people would vote for RFK for they were hurt by the vaccine. Now if Trump addresses the vaccine deaths etc. and the fraud and malevolence of Fauci et al., then I think Trump will be elected. He has a track record that even democrats liked and do not have. He has a track record of productivity that even the democrats do not have. Trump has to now say the right things. The COVID response was deadly. RFK is not the nutty deranged radical democrat and liberal that pervades the party today so he can even campaign to gain republicans, and he will get the Raegan democrats too. It is interesting but once Trump cleans up the mess of COVID and he can, then the election IMO is his to lose. If he does not, it is a tough sell for him. I am with Trump 2024. Still on the train. Have no reason to get off. I will worj hard to get Trump back to teh WH but he has some fixing to do. But I see not other viable option, in terms of what the US faces.

Praise Alex for your fight in this madness and some ask that you behave too, sometimes you get out of hand ;-) we all have to behave, including me.