Alexander Aggregated COVID and non-COVID news, April 11th 2022

by Paul Alexander

COVID-related news:

1)Did US nursing homes (and those in Canada, UK etc.) actually cause the death of our elderly during COVID?

2)If the FDA advisors call for a stop on COVID boosters, then why would the FDA override their recommendations? What is their role if the FDA routinely overrides them?

3)Betrayal, guilt, shame: Trauma among health care workers comparable to that of combat vets

4)Ivermectin as Treatment for COVID-19 May Become More Accessible in Tennessee

5)US Warns Travelers of China’s ‘Arbitrary’ Enforcement of Laws and COVID-19 Measures

6) Trump Wants to Make it Illegal for Employers to Fire Unvaccinated Workers 

7)Rand Paul: Did Nancy Pelosi Receive Monoclonal Antibodies?

8)Shanghai Coronavirus Lockdown Causing Food Shortages Even for the Rich

9)South Carolina Senate Passes Legislation that Bans Covid-19 Vaccine Requirements

10)WHO says it is analysing two new Omicron COVID sub-variants (BA.4 and BA.5); Ba.2 sub-variant more infectious than prior sub-bariants but evidence shows no more lethal

11)COVID Cases Rising Quickly in Washington D.C. and New York City Again

12)NHS chiefs call for the return of masks and limits on indoor mixing as they accuse government of 'abandoning interest' in Covid and warn of 'brutal Easter' as infections hit record levels

13)Shanghai Has Recorded More Than 130,000 Covid Cases—and No Deaths

14)China leading citizens to jump from balconies in quest to achieve ‘COVID Zero’

15)NY, CA failed in handling of COVID — but Florida was among best: study

16)Thousands Protest Vaccine Mandates at Los Angeles Rally

17)U.N. Chief Guterres Backs Big Pharma Plan to ‘Get Vaccines into Arms’ of Every Person on the Planet

non-COVID news

1)Elon Musk decides not to join Twitter board, says CEO Parag Agrawal

2)Trumpworld Goes Into Meltdown After Trump Endorses Dr. Oz

3)Will Hungary's Orban be the wedge Putin drives between Western allies?

4)Stoltenberg: NATO planning large, permanent military presence on eastern border

5)A sour and angry America poised to punish Dems this fall

6)Iceland chilled by violence worthy of its noir novels

7)French go to the polls in 1st round of presidential election

8)Is Russia-Ukraine Conflict Being Used as a ‘Sleight of Hand’ Diversion? If So, From What?

9)Donald Trump Endorses Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania U.S. Senate Race

10)Josh Rogin: Biden Admin. So ‘Invested’ in Iran Deal They ‘Ignore’ Russia, Syria, Iran, China, and North Korea Are an ‘Axis’

11)Carlson: Dem Opposition to Parental Rights ‘Not Really About Trying to Groom Little Kids — Overall, It Is Even Worse than That’

12)Fruits of the Left: 101 Police Officers Shot in Line of Duty So Far This Year, a 43% increase in One Year

13)Amazon's drone delivery program is hit by crashes and safety concerns

14)With Threats All Around, Japan Moves to Shed Its Pacifist Constraints

15) Trump vs Biden again? Do we have to?

16)Food Shortages Loom as Chinese Farmers Face Trouble Amid Pandemic