Alexander Aggregated COVID and non-COVID news Watch, April 19th 2022

by Paul Alexander

COVID-related news:

1)COVID Vaccine Mandate for Pilots Violates Federal Law, Puts Passengers at Risk, Citizen Group Warns

2)Rational Debate Isn’t Disrespectful — It’s What Science Is All About

3)Officials Manipulated COVID Data to Exaggerate Crisis, Mathematician Tells RFK, Jr.

“Data was very easily used by influencers and decision-makers to fit particular narratives,” Norman Felton, Ph.D., a mathematician at Queen Mary University of London, said in an interview on “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast.”

4)CDC accused of withholding data on Covid

5)TSA will not enforce Covid mask mandate on planes, public transit after court ruling, White House says

6)Fired NYC Teachers Are Rejected by Supreme Court in Covid Vaccine Case

7)Brooklyn Net Kyrie Irving backs MTA worker’s fight against COVID vaccine mandates

8)Trump-appointed judge strikes down federal COVID-19 travel mask mandate; still need to wear a mask on NYC subways

9)San Diego Unified Staying the Course With COVID Vaccine Mandate

10)Suit seeks to overturn renewed Philadelphia mask mandate

11)Did the British government lie? UK Government report admits 19.2 million people in England have not had a single dose of a ‘Covid’ fake vaccine, and another 12 million have refused a 2nd or 3rd dose

12)Supreme Court Won’t Hear COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Challenge From NYC Teachers

13)Fliers cheer and whip-off masks as TSA stops enforcing mandate after court ruling - but flight attendants warn of 'more violence' if there's confusion as airlines and airports get option to continue with rule

14)UK’s Boris Johnson faces wrath of lawmakers over partygate

15)Did we lock our children down too long and too hard? Did we damage their natural innate immune capabilities? None of these children were vaccinated or only a few had COVID infection. Did we do the damage with our insane, illogical, unscientific, unsound lockdowns and school closures, weakening their immune systems, downregulating it so much so that now we have sub-optimal responding? Puzzling outbreak of liver disease in kids spreads to EU, US

16)Naomi Wolf: The FDA ‘knew’ COVID jabs weren’t ‘safe and effective’ but pushed them anyway. 'The danger and the lasting damage that they knew about are clearly on display' said Wolf about the FDA and Pfizer's knowledge of the COVID jabs.

17)Thank God for the Easter Bunny to the rescue for Uncle Joe, this way Joe! Easter bunny runs over to wave and interrupt Biden as he takes selfies with kids and starts discussing Afghanistan with crowd at the White House roll

18)China’s strict Covid restrictions are causing global supply chain issues

19)CDC removes all countries from highest COVID travel risk category

20) Uber First Ride-Sharing Service to Announce Lifting of Mask Mandate

21) Prophet of Doom – Health Minister Slammed by Experts for ‘Unhelpful’ Killer COVID Variant Prediction


1)Jack Dorsey Goes After CNN For Deliberately Stirring Division

2)Tucker Carlson: Biden is using the war in Ukraine to distract from crises at home.

3)Macron clashes with Le Pen over Islamic headscarf ban

4)Gov. DeSantis says lawmakers will consider stripping Disney of self-government power


Moment Putin’s nuclear bomber flies close to Ukraine border in major war escalation

6)3 US sailors from aircraft carrier found dead in less than one week

7)Piers Morgan says his departure from ITV over his comments about Meghan Markle was a 'farce' - and wants to 'uncancel the cancelled' on his new TalkTV show that starts next Monday

8)Report: Joe Biden Told Barack Obama He Will Run in 2024 to Defeat Trump