Alexander Amalgamated Red Pill News 22/09/2022 (6 p.m. evening release) 'Taking back our Rights, Freedoms and Liberties Inc.'

by Paul Alexander

Priority 1 News (MUST KNOW):

1)Video: Rand Paul Promises To ‘Find The Paper Trail’ For Lab Leak COVID Origin “This is the biggest coverup in the history of science”

Senator Rand Paul vowed this week to continue to expose the origins of the COVID pandemic and uncover a paper trail that he is positive will lead back to the Wuhan lab research funded by Anthony Fauci and the National Institutes of Health.


“The entire pandemic, if it came from a lab, the fact that he approved the research and funded the lab would draw culpability to himself.” Paul said of Fauci during an appearance on Fox Business.

2)Fauci admits he knew ‘draconian’ lockdowns would have ‘collateral negative consequences’ on school children

“National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted Wednesday that he knew the “draconian” COVID-19 policies he pushed for would lead to “collateral negative consequences” for the “economy” and “schoolchildren.” 

My take: jail them all, once we show this in proper inquiry, then jail them for their policies killed people.

3)Michael Cohen: Fraud lawsuit will ‘put an end’ to Trump Organization

My take: Nothing is as stink smelling as a rat.

4)The Luxury Home Market Posts Its Biggest Decline in a Decade. ‘It’s Like Crickets.’

When Nancy Lam upgraded in January to a home closer to her child’s school in the San Francisco Bay Area, she thought she had plenty of time to list her old house, a five-bedroom modern home in the sought-after suburb of Lafayette. But after listing it for $3.95 million in May, they realized they may have miscalculated. After weeks on the market, the house hadn’t been scooped up like they expected. There were no reasonable offers, and no bidding wars.

5)Antidepressants Work Better Than Sugar Pills Only 15 Percent of the Time

Five years ago Mark Horowitz seemed an unlikely skeptic of psycho-pharmaceuticals. He had been taking the popular antidepressant Lexapro virtually every day for 15 years. He was so fascinated by the drugs that he spent three years hunched over a dish of human brain cells in a laboratory at King's College London, measuring the effect of human stress hormones and drugs like Prozac and Zoloft.

6)Exclusive — Ted Cruz Caves to Democrat Amy Klobuchar on Media Cartel Bill

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has caved to the Democrats on legislation that would allow media organizations to create formal cartels to negotiate with Big Tech companies, several congressional aides and others familiar with the process told Breitbart News on Wednesday. If Cruz goes forward with his plans to back—and allow the senate to advance—the legislation, then he will immediately become one of the biggest enablers of the establishment media and Big Tech giants and he could seriously jeopardize his political future.

7)Coroner Confirms COVID-19 Vaccine Killed 26-Year-Old Man from New Zealand

Rory Nairn, 26, a resident of Dunedin, New Zealand, died suddenly on November 17. This was just 12 days after he had received his first dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. According to reports, Rory died in the house he shared with his fiancee, Ashleigh Wilson. He was found by Ashleigh in the bathroom of their Dunedin home at around 4 am.

8)BREAKING: Stacey Abrams claims 6-week heartbeat is 'manufactured sound to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman's body'

A recently surfaced video on social media shows Stacey Abrams speaking about her views on abortion. The short clip shows Abrams on an auditorium stage with other speakers, when she makes the claim that fetal heartbeats are "manufactured."
Georgia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams claimed that "There is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks.”

9)Whistleblower Identified: FBI Special Agent Steve Friend Goes Public – Exposed Disgusting FBI Lies and Unprecedented Attacks on Conservative Americans — ARREST CHRIS WRAY! (VIDEO)

On Wednesday Miranda Devine revealed the name of the latest FBI whistleblower – Steve Friend – who exposed the FBI’s disgusting lies on tracking domestic right-wing terrorism.

10)DOCUMENTS#RCMP sent blacklist of #FreedomConvoy bank account holders to investment industry, bank & credit union lobbyists, mutual fund dealers…

11)Inflation Costing Average American Family $11,500 This Year

The estimates, published in August, were based on inflation and annual spending data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Analysts at NerdWallet looked at how spending would compare this year to 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic began. Analysts said 2020 was the “last full year when inflation was relatively stable.” In that same year, the U.S. inflation rate was 1.23 percent. As of August, inflation in the United States stands at 8.3 percent, according to data from BLS.

12)Commitment to America

House GOP Releases 'Commitment to America' Platform — And Then Takes It Offline; The document goes after prescription drug reform and opens the door to Social Security and Medicare cuts.

13)Abortion Has Killed 20 Million Black Babies. If Black Lives Matter, Overturn Roe v. Wade

Unborn black babies are killed in abortions at a disproportionately high rate, and more than 20 million have lost their lives to abortions since 1973. Their mothers also are targeted and discriminated against by the abortion industry, and many women’s abortion deaths in recent years have been young black mothers.

14)'How to Break Arm' Becomes Top Google Trend as Russians Face Conscription

Google searches for "how to break an arm at home" surged in Russia after President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization of the population to fight in Ukraine. The Russian president said conscription would only be applied to reservists, with the decree taking effect on Wednesday.

15)San Francisco passes controversial surveillance plan

Police can access private cameras in ‘real time’

16)Exclusive — Nancy Mace: Select Committee ‘Absolutely’ an Option to Probe the ‘Big Guy’

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) believes a Republican-controlled House could “absolutely” create a select committee to investigate the “big guy,” she exclusively told Breitbart News Thursday.

17)Jared Kushner Criticizes Sending Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Says ‘Seeing Them Used as Political Pawns is Very Troubling’

Jared Kushner is criticizing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for sending migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. Appearing on Fox News, Kushner asserted that “we have to remember that these are human beings, they’re people, so seeing them being used as political pawns is very troubling to me.”

Priority 2 News (IMPORTANT):

1)Victory or nuclear war? Putin backs himself further into a Ukrainian corner

2)Trump Claims a President Can Declassify Documents Just ‘By Thinking About It’

Donald Trump claimed the president of the United States can declassify government documents simply by declaring them as such, or “even by thinking about it.”

3)Pentagon bedeviled by recruitment failures as solutions prove elusive

Military officials and lawmakers on Wednesday painted a grim picture of recruiting efforts within the Defense Department, as a recent study suggests worrisome shortfalls could grow worse if more women decline to serve over restrictive abortion laws in many Republican-led states where U.S. personnel are based.

4)4-Day Workweek Brings No Loss of Productivity, Companies in Experiment Say

Most of the companies participating in a four-day workweek pilot program in Britain said they had seen no loss of productivity during the experiment, and in some cases had seen a significant improvement, according to a survey of participants published on Wednesday.

5)Italy election set to crown Meloni head of most right-wing govt since WW2

ROME (Reuters) - Italy's parliamentary election on Sunday could make history, giving the country its first female prime minister at the head of its most right-wing government since World War Two. Giorgia Meloni's nationalist Brothers of Italy (FdI) barely scraped 4% of the vote in 2018, but the party is expected to take around 25% this time around and propel an alliance of conservative partners to a clear parliamentary majority.

6)‘He’s done’: how Donald Trump’s legal woes have just gotten a lot worse

Donald Trump’s legal perils have become insurmountable and could snuff out the former US president’s hopes of an election-winning comeback, according to political analysts and legal experts.

7)Iran protests pose new test for clerical leadership

The images of the protests in Iran are indicative of the taboo-breaking nature of a movement that erupted after the death of Mahsa Amini, 22, following her arrest by the notorious morality police. A country where street dissent is tightly controlled, Iran has seen bursts of protest in recent years, notably the 2009 "Green Movement" that followed disputed elections, protests in November 2019 over fuel price rises, and rallies this year over the cost of living.

8)51 Sheriffs Endorse Ron Johnson’s Reelection, as Opponent Mandela Barnes Retracts Police Endorsements

A bipartisan majority of 51 Wisconsin sheriffs have endorsed Sen. Ron Johnson’s (R-WI) reelection bid in Wisconsin, his campaign announced Wednesday. The endorsements come after Johnson’s “defund police” Democrat opponent, Mandela Barnes, claimed to have won only two endorsements from two active duty police officers last week. A few days later, those officers alerted the public that they did not actually support Barnes’ Senate campaign, an embarrassing mistake for the radical Democrat’s chances of quelling the fears of Wisconsinites that he wants to defund police.

9)City of Toronto Deletes Video Marketing COVID-19 Vaccines to Infants, Children

The City of Toronto deleted a tweet and video on Tuesday containing an advertisement for COVID-19 vaccines for infants and young children between the ages of six months and 12 years.

10)BARR LIED! FOIA Requests Reveal There Were No DOJ Investigations on Election Fraud After 2020 Election as Bill Barr Claimed (VIDEO)

In December 2020, US Attorney General Bill Barr said there was “no evidence” of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election. Barr said there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election, defying President Donald Trump’s ongoing efforts to reverse the results. Now there is proof that Bill Barr is and was lying.

11)Amazon Routinely Hired Dangerous Trucking Companies, With Deadly Consequences

Its regular contractors were more than twice as likely to receive unsafe driving scores compared with similar outfits; Amazon says its network is safe

12)1 Out of Every 4 Car Crashes in Boston Last Year Involved Uber or Lyft Drivers

According to recently released data, Uber and Lyft drivers were involved in 1,098 crashes in the city of Boston last year, accounting for approximately a quarter of all motor vehicle collisions in the city.

13)Exclusive — Larry Elder: ‘Uncle Tom II’ Exposes How BLM Is ‘Destroying What Made America Great and Using Blacks as a Means to Do So’

The Black Lives Matter campaign and enterprise is “destroying what made America great and using blacks as a means to do so,” Larry Elder, writer and executive producer of Uncle Tom II, remarked on Thursday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow. Elder said his latest film details the political weaponization of race-based grievance — including “white guilt” — as a tool to undermine America by advancing communist ideology.

Updated & Ongoing Research Evidence:

1)Liquid biomarkers of macrophage dysregulation and circulating spike protein illustrate the biological heterogeneity in patients with post-acute sequelae of COVID-19

Post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC) are long-term consequences of SARS-CoV-2 infection that can substantially impair quality of life. Underlying mechanisms ranging from persistent virus to innate and adaptive immune dysregulation have been discussed. At a median time of eight months after infection, we found pronounced dysregulation in almost all tested soluble factors including both pro-inflammatory and pro-fibrotic cytokines. These perturbations were remarkably independent of ongoing symptoms, but further correlation and regression analyses suggested PASC specific patterns involving CCL2/MCP-1 and IL-8 as well as long-term persistence of high IL-5 and IL-17F levels. None of the analyzed factors correlated with the detectability or levels of circulating S1 indicating that this represents an independent subset of patients with PASC. This data confirms prior evidence of immune dysregulation and persistence of viral protein in PASC and illustrates its biological heterogeneity that still awaits correlation with clinically defined PASC subtypes.

2)SARS-CoV-2 requires acidic pH to infect cells

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) cell entry starts with membrane attachment and ends with spike (S) protein–catalyzed membrane fusion depending on two cleavage steps, namely, one usually by furin in producing cells and the second by TMPRSS2 on target cells. Endosomal cathepsins can carry out both. Using real-time three-dimensional single-virion tracking, we show that fusion and genome penetration require virion exposure to an acidic milieu of pH 6.2 to 6.8, even when furin and TMPRSS2 cleavages have occurred. We detect the sequential steps of S1-fragment dissociation, fusion, and content release from the cell surface in TMPRRS2-overexpressing cells only when exposed to acidic pH. We define a key role of an acidic environment for successful infection, found in endosomal compartments and at the surface of TMPRSS2-expressing cells in the acidic milieu of the nasal cavity.