Alexander: Ominous signs wk 11's UK Omicron data; compared to wks 5-10; it is past driving competitively advantaged variants; is this idiosyncratic? are we now damaging 'acquired-adaptive' & 'innate'?

by Paul Alexander

The vaccine caused BA.2, Scotland banned this data as it was too catastrophic and revealing and now UK will soon do same by end of March; we are damaging INNATE immunity; devastating for humanity

The deaths coming due to this vaccine will dwarf what has happened to date.

We are playing with fire if we continue the vaccine for the natural innate immune system, the innate Abs, and innate NK cells and other aspects, function to blunt and take the edge and tamp down virus e.g. COVID virus, so that if it cannot eliminate the virus completely, and innate is in effect breached, then even as it is contravened, it would have smothered and eliminated enough of the virus that natural acquired adaptive ‘mops’ up (what we know as natural immunity). Otherwise if you took innate off line by damaging it as the vaccine is now doing as per week 11 PHE data (UK), then the 2nd line ‘mop up’ could be overwhelmed and you will become very ill and can die. To me innate is 1st line and acquired is 2nd line, I demarcate them this way in my mind to follow what is happening. I may be subject to correction but certainly they appear to work in tandem and overlap and help each other. IMO and I always cede to the master Geert.

The innate 1st line is being damaged by the vaccine and this can damage humanity. It is that serious. Innate is potent, broadly effective. but low affinity for the spike antigen, yet can handle most if not all virus (COVID, influenza etc.). Be warned if we continue with these vaccines that is rendering innate helpless. Innate antibodies are being blocked and subverted, outcompeted by the specific, high-affinity vaccinal Abs.

This COVID vaccine has driven BA.2 variant to emerge. More will come if we DO NOT stop the vaccine. We told the vaccine developers this and governments this and Task Forces this but they will not stop; we have told CDC and NIH this; the goal is to get these into the arms of your child now and this will be catastrophic as we may not be able to arrest this virus/pandemic if we do and may cause a lethal variant. It is the innate immune system that may be now damaged by the vaccine (as well as the natural acquired-adaptive immune system). We have to stop the vaccine NOW! We must bring an OMI-specific vaccine.

We saw a steady decrease in infection for both vaccinated and unvaccinated across late 2021 and the initial weeks of 2022 in UK data and elsewhere (weeks 5-10) and we sought to explain that this was likely the impact of the innate immune system (GVB) regaining its functional capacity in the vaccinated and ‘training’ of it in the unvaccinated; you could literally observe how elevated the infection was in the vaccinated in the earlier weeks and how infection came down, while the vaccinated infection was still substantially more elevated over unvaccinated and with great NEGATIVE efficacy.

But week 11 infection data (first table) indicates something not good and we must wait to see week 12 data to see if this is an idiosyncratic occurrence or a stable matter and in fact possible devastating damage to the innate immune and acquired-adaptive immune systems…this is likely ‘and’ the only explanation for this uptick in infections etc. This WILL be followed by hospitalization and death curves. The reality is if we seek to keep variants like BA.2 coming and in this, a potential deadly variant to emerge, we just keep vaccinating as we are now using this very same non-sterilizing non-neutralizing sub-optimal COVID vaccine that CANNOT cut the chain of transmission and WILL only drive variants (natural selection vaccinating into a pandemic in the midst of elevated infectious pressure and sub-optimal immune pressure) as we see now in BA.2 OMICRON.

WE caused BA.2 OMI with the vaccine. There will be more. Governments and CDC and NIH and Bourla et al. have found the magic potion.

This is the infection data by week I refer to in the UK data…I wrote in a prior stack but wanted to focus on this:

Week 11:


Week 10:


Week 9:


Week 8:


Week 7:

Week 6:


Cases reported by specimen date between week 2 2022 (w/e 16 January 2022) and week 5 2022 (w/e 6 February 2022)

Week 5: