Alexander Red Pill News (ARPN)(evening roll-out) August 10th 2022

by Paul Alexander

I am sharing media reports throughout the day that I consider to be interesting and important for you to know; at times & IMO, I will give a 2 sentence summary of my thoughts on the story

PRIORITY 1 NEWS (breaking, urgent must knows):

1)Watch: Dan Bongino Doesn’t Hold Back, Calls Trump Raid ‘Third World Bullshit’ Live on Fox News

2)‘Seems Political’: Andrew Cuomo, Andrew Yang React to FBI Raid on Trump’s Home

3)Trump says he refused to answer New York attorney general’s questions in probe of his business

4)Exclusive: An Informer Told the FBI What Docs Trump Was Hiding, and Where

5)EXCLUSIVE: Locked and loaded: Palm Beach police have received intelligence warning that armed pro-Trump protesters are planning to descend on Mar-a-Lago following FBI raid

6)HUGE DEVELOPMENT: Report Shows FBI “Had Personal Stake” in Mar-a-Lago Raid – Agents Were After Spygate Documents Trump Was Holding That Likely Indicted FBI

7)The Day America Changed: Israel National News Contributor Labels FBI’s Raid on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago “Kristallnacht” – VDH Says US No Longer a Democracy

8)More Info: Corrupt Nancy Pelosi Went to Taiwan Risking WWIII — Met with Chip Maker in Unreported Meeting — Increased Her Family Wealth

9)Official Report Shows 67% of Recent COVID Deaths in San Diego, California are Fully Vaccinated and Boosted Individuals (VIDEO)

10)Ron DeSantis Campaign Goes on Offense: ‘Freedom Is Here to Stay’

11)Steve Bannon tells Alex Jones ‘deep state’ is planning to assassinate Trump and FBI planted evidence

12)Early data shows monkeypox disproportionately affecting Black men

13)12-Year-Old Clayton Middle Schooler Dies Following Youth Football Practice Due to “Severe Medical Emergency”

14)Pelosi and Schumer Have Very Different Reactions to FBI Raid on Mar-A-Lago

15)Judge Reportedly Behind Mar-a-Lago Raid Warrant Is Former Jeffrey Epstein Lawyer, Obama Donor

16)Tom Fitton Judicial Watch AND HIS VIEW ON THE Trump raid.

17)Vaccine Industry Insider Peter Hotez Helped Fund Wuhan Gain-of-Function Study

18)Kids under-10 to be offered polio jab as paralysed patient linked to suspected outbreak


PRIORITY 2 NEWS (important to be aware of):

1)GOP Rep. Banks Says Trump ‘Fired Up’ After FBI Raid, ‘Made Up His Mind’ on 2024

2)Trump thinks FBI may have planted stuff in his home: FBI searched Melania’s wardrobe, spent hours in Trump’s private office during Mar-a-Lago raid

3)GOP rallies around Trump following FBI search of his estate

4)Consumer prices rose 8.5% in July

5)Gingrich: Mar-a-Lago Raid ‘Desperation of a National Machine’ on the Edge of Being Defeated, Eliminated

6)Joe Biden Boasts ‘Zero Inflation’ in July but Cost of Food and Rent Still Rising


1)Canadian pilot fighting vaccine mandates says he has spent ‘hours’ listening to jab-injury stories

2)Around 1 million children in London offered polio boosters after virus is detected in sewage

3)Dr. Fauci Jokes That He Made Covid in His Kitchen (VIDEO)

4)REPORT: FBI Confidential Human Source Told FBI What Documents Trump Stored at Mar-a-Lago and Where to Search…. Related to Spygate?

Emerging research & evidence pieces:

1)Dozens in China Infected With New ‘Langya’ Virus Carried by Shrews

2)A Zoonotic Henipavirus in Febrile Patients in China