All Canadian & US Police & Military (and elsewhere) COVID injection refusers must be reinstated immediately with all their pay, back pay, positions, ranks, backpay, pension disruptions, leave etc.

by Paul Alexander

The COVID injections is a farse, a failure, completely ineffective and harmful; we have thousands of military & police now vaccine injured, walking around; again, we hold Fauci & Bourla to account

And all out front line healthcare employees who were let go and sidelined and laid off and suffered. Yes. Our great nurses who lost so much while they did do all the caring for over 2 years.

We investigate how we got here and if they are shown as to these COVID fraud shots (Bourla, Fauci, Francis Collins, Bancel, Walensky etc.) to have been reckless, costed lives, in proper legal inquiries, we must have proper public inquiries, then we fine them and take all their money, clean them out of every cent, and imprison them too! For the risk they have placed our police and military in…