All great empires if you go & check, went the same way; the unthinkable happens, check out Rome, full fledged excesses, wine & song, excesses, debauchery, Sodom & Gomorrah styling, they then all fell!

by Paul Alexander

Pure insane living, extreme violence & pleasure, partying, hedonism, & then, the unthinkable, they all fell! It suddenly ends! I believe we all are headed that way, it must end; the music is slowing!

The behaviors extreme and based only on ‘pleasures’, where nothing makes sense. Corruption, theft, partying, no sense of greater good or tomorrow.

I think maybe that in a way, it has to go this way for a rebirth and rebuilding. Maybe it has to happen, for the insanity cannot go on too long in terms of historical time. I am only putting wings to thoughts and this may not make sense but maybe, just maybe, it is part of the process where it has to fall and end at some point. So that it goes again and then will fall again in the future, a few hundred or thousand years from now.

The music is slowing even for the great USA, so the question is, who will get a chair? I mean think about it as one example, you have a member of the congress, powerful member, decider, who is tabling bills on a certain industry worth billions in tax payer money too, and her husband is buying stock in the same industry that could benefit and will benefit from the bills and tax payer money, and she is telling you that he has a right to do as he pleases in free America and even as her spouse. That as far as she sees, this is above board. Yes, we get that, but this is the purest sense of insider trading (based on how I understand the definition) I have seen and we can do nothing about it? We cannot get an investigation? That they can just make millions…in our face. In your face. It is that kind of sh*t that shows the ‘excesses’ and at some point it has to end for she is not the only one, the government, ‘governments’ operate this way world over, all of them, all, most members, they have to be corrupt to exist in the corruption, as governments are a cesspit of filth and high crime banditry. Theft ‘in our faces’.

Tiananmen Square 2.0? China deploys tanks to prevent people from withdrawing money from crisis-hit banks

Tiananmen Square 2.0? China deploys tanks to prevent people from withdrawing money from crisis-hit banks

The issue is ‘catch me if you can’.