‘All-knowing’ Tony Fauci’s memory suddenly vanishes when he has to testify: New York Post: Fauci is “omniscient except during depositions”; Fauci was deposed on Wednesday by Missouri Attorney

by Paul Alexander

General Eric Schmitt & Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry. Landry labeled Fauci the “man who single-handedly wrecked US economy based upon ‘the science, follow the science.’”; but he cant recall?



‘When asked about his role in assailing that Declaration, Fauci declared, “I have a very busy day job running a $6 billion institute. I don’t have time to worry about things like the Great Barrington Declaration.” But less than two weeks after the Declaration’s release, Fauci emailed Deborah Birx, the White House COVID chief, “I have come out very strongly publicly against the Great Barrington Declaration.” Fauci did multiple media interviews castigating any suggestion that lockdowns were unnecessary to save America.’