All Trump needs to do is this: tell us you will build a 50 foot high concrete wall, CONCRETE, 50 feet wide with military defending it up top on the southern border, all of the southern border...

by Paul Alexander

what he promised in 2016, now you have to deliver, no metal slat shit, do what you said then, and tell us you will be law and order, not what you did as POTUS, proper law and order...use it!

We are still waiting on the wall! That you promised. As you promised it! We Americans will help build it! Even Milo will help build it! He is ready and has workers lined up!

(Screenshot via YouTube.)

Use the Army Corp of Engineers, use all our military and let them build a full concrete wall that we could see it from the space station, big, thick, spanning the entire southern border, and it will live for 10,000 years like the Great Wall and Hadrian’s wall, we will upkeep it, BUILD it! And post our troops on top guarding the wall. And no gates. People who want to come, use the process that exists!

And be brave now, and say, stand up and say and do not play with the language, no crap like ‘we will strongly look at it’…thats BS….stand up and tell the people the truth, for we know the truth, that the lockdowns failed and you made a grave mistake by failing to fire Fauci and Birx who you let lead the lockdown lunacy that killed people and destroyed their lives, and stand up and say the vaccine failed and is harmful; and dangerous and must stop...and none for our that, he will win 420 electoral votes, even dems will vote for him for many of them have died due to the lockdowns and vaccine, in fact most, lockdowns shifted the burden of morbidity and mortality on blacks and poor people, women…the lockdowns shifted the burden to poor people.