Am I correct that these deranged malfeasant scientists seek to put mRNA vaccine etc. in milk? "Bovine milk is rich in exosomes & exhibits the similar potential to serve as drug-delivery nanocarrier"

by Paul Alexander

What? With the devastation we are facing with the mRNA technology in the Pfizer & Moderna shots, these psychopaths want to use Cow's milk (milk-exos) as a delivery mechanism for mRNA exosomes?

What about deadly? Have these malfeasants thought about this?

How deranged are these people and tone deaf? Do they not care about the persons who have died due to the mRNA shot?

‘Taking into account the biological properties of milk exosomes and overcoming the technological challenges of mRNA vaccines, we have currently described a method for creating milk exosomes that are loaded with RBD mRNA”.

I leave this paper up to you to decide what to make of it, yet IMO, this must be stopped and these bastards will not stop until we stop them. These are malfeasant murderers seeking to make money ONLY, with no care for humanity destruction. I did not want to give this madness any coverage but felt you should know how we are getting it from all directions.


‘We first present an oral mRNA vaccine based on bovine milk-derived exosomes (milk-exos), which encodes the SARS-CoV-2 receptor binding domain (RBD) as an immunogen. The results indicated that RBD mRNA delivered by milk-derived exosomes can produce secreted RBD peptide in 293 cells in vitro and stimulated neutralizing antibodies against RBD in mice. These results indicated that bovine milk-derived exosome-based mRNA vaccine could serve as a new strategy for preventing SARS-CoV-2 infection. Meanwhile, it also can work as a new oral delivery system for mRNA.’