America is being INVADED by it's Government, Biden administration is invading the US! Biden acts like a leader of an enemy nation, NOT POTUS of US; 4 million illegals, unvetted, terrorists? diseases?

by Paul Alexander

4 million thus far under Biden and more coming, could be terrorists among them, rapists, murderers, Mara-Salvatrucha (MS-13), drug smugglers, bad bad people, among good people; why? criminal IMO

Biden administration take actions that are all against the United States, not one of their policies BENEFIT the US. I have looked at all. Why would a sitting POTUS, be conspiring and acting against his own nation? He is invading his own nation and the eunuch republicans are pulling flint from between their toes wringing their hands, cannot muster 2 sets of balls among them, all of them, what a bunch of sad useless high crime bandits they are for that’s what they are. Thieves of tax payer money. They IMO are involved, with democrats, in some manner, in how these drugs get into the US and around the US. Have to be, for they will not stop it. I cannot tell otherwise. The democrats, evil, pure evil for what they are doing and allowing. To the greatest nation.

And the media, like the CNNs and FOXs, pure utter garbage news…the Jake Tappers, the Wolf Blitzers and Dr. Siegals and Cavuto etc. Pure dangerous people IMO. Sold Americans out, and it showed with the untested unproven vaccine (with massive coming harms and deaths due to them) as the shills they are, bought out, we need to follow the $, so do you think they will be any better with the nightmare on the border? No. They are part of the problem.

We do need Trump back but this rounds, he has to burn it to the floor, fire and jail all who did wrong, and don’t stop! Anything short of this, DO NOT run Trump, stay home. This you must promise and you must deliver on!

The hypocrisy:

“Obama’s compound alone – if cots, trailers and tents are installed – could easily house several thousand illegal migrants,” former Trump adviser Stephen Miller remarked on Twitter. “Americans, during actual natural disasters (not illegal immigration for economic benefit) have been forced to sleep in stadiums and makeshift FEMA shelters.”