America Out Loud 1st podcast: Dr. Paul Alexander "COVID Pandemic Fraud and Need for Justice for All Those Harmed"; he all, please listen to my podcast (1st) as I bring truth to the discussion

by Paul Alexander

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‘Every government tries to accrue power. Government looks for ways to take power from the people at every opportunity they get. When they take that power, they will not relinquish it. It will maximally abuse the population. There is no evidence to indicate that when a government takes power from the people for any reason, they give it back. They hold that power and seek more. That is what is happening now.

We need accountability. We need justice. We need proper legal forums, courts, judges, and tribunals. If it is shown that the officials’ actions cost lives, then they must be financially cleaned out and jailed. Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons and state licensing boards must be properly investigated. If it is shown that they tied the hands of doctors recklessly and dangerously, and doctors could not use proper, safe, regulated early therapeutics, then these colleges and board members responsible should be imprisoned.

The science is clear: COVID emerged as more of a blood clotting disorder than a respiratory illness. The vaccine mirrors end-stage COVID, and it is devastatingly toxic. We have seen elevated excess mortality in all of the vaccinated countries. They knew that the vaccines were dangerous. They left our elderly to die in the black hole. The vaccine manufacturers were given liability protection that protected everybody from liability but us and our children. Yet, in countries with highly vaccinated populations, we are seeing elevated surging infections, cases, hospitalizations, and death.’

Dr. Paul Alexander Liberty Hour on America Out Loud Talk Radio can be heard weekdays at 7 pm ET. Listen on iHeart Radio, our world-class media player, or our free apps on AppleAndroid, or Alexa. All episodes can be heard on-demand on podcast networks worldwide. Visit Dr. Paul Alexander’s website: 


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