American Airlines flight attendant dies in flight duty; his colleague contacted me; we are sure it is vaxx related as they were forced to vax up; concerned pilots will die in flight, planes may crash

by Paul Alexander

This is a real issue, a real concern as to the pilots and flight attendants, but pilots are critical and this may cause a disaster. I am trying to set up an interview with my friend who will talk

Update: I have learnt some more specifics whereby the attendant died in Memphis while on duty; I am trying to understand lingo in terms of if ‘in flight’ differs from layover etc. for my own reporting. If in duty and died in layover, is this considered flight related too?

Moreover, my friend has updated that ‘a flight from CLT to LHR was diverted to BOS due to a FA experiencing cardicartic symptoms.’ I use their words.    

My friend shared this recent internal communication based on the recent death, no doubt, flight attendants and pilots are concerned, very concerned: