American Jihad by illegal immigration! wolf;'7 dead, 6 injured after car hits pedestrians in Texas border town, driver arrested'; I told you before, we have real jihadists, islamists infiltrating the

by Paul Alexander

the illegals coming across border, Biden knows; Biden is only completing what Rice, Valerie and Obama were doing! Hell, Obama gave Iran US military secrets with the drone & naval gun boats

The wolf was let in, be very careful, he (and she) seeks to kill Americans. Be careful! Obama and even Bush’s actions let them in. Ensure your daughter is armed, legally, knows how to shoot to kill, knows how to store her weapons, and will defend her life and that of others if at a moment it is threatened. Never ever must she leave the primary scene, take any would be weapon and use it with malice on the wolf, any wolf. If you left the primary scene, you will never be going home.

Be careful, check who he is, see if he is an islamist, do not be surprised, don’t listen to the media filth and drivel; they shave the beard and dress Latino, sit in classrooms with your 10 year old daughters, they get papers saying they are 12 when they are 30 years old! the invasion continues courtesy of Biden and Obama for duh, you did know Obama is running America…did you? This is designed, to destroy America from within…never stopped, to hollow her out; but these miscreants fail to realize, Americans will take harms and destruction for so long, and then we will remind you about the Revolutionary war and the civil war, we are a waring people, will take the 400 million legal guns and defend ourselves legally and btw, most are police and military and will join. Most are MAGA!

Trump is the only person alive with a 75 to 100 million standing army. Not even the Pope can move millions like Trump. Be careful how much injustice you do to him, be careful! He always calls for peace and justice yet he cannot control his peoples. Even democrats who would be moved by injustice. Obama tried to bring his own ‘German’ Brown shirts, his own ‘Chinese’ Red army with the BLM and antifa criminals he pulled together, well….Trump has his own. And it was organic. Be careful, they are armed to the teeth, legal, law abiding, composed of police, existing military and veterans, of America loving patriots across fly over country and everywhere, and will defend America when they think it is time to act. Who would not? If one sees their daughters being raped, killings from within like Obama’s Tashfeen etc., why won’t they act? Law abiding Americans have been patient. Let us ensure it stays so and that injustices are not done. No one must ever pivot to disorder and violence and hatred. Calm, civil always. Law abiding. But be very willing to defend if need be. Constitution allows for this.

And so it is my hope that Trump can get the fairness like other Americans enjoy.

Let us examine the motives of this devil who ran over these people. He did something jihadists do. Be open. It is like how I called it that the German Wings pilot who slammed the plane into the French Alps was a jihadist. He was calm and deliberate and practiced. Go read. You prove me wrong. That was martyrdom.