Amnesty demand by the BRANCH COVIDians Dr. Emily Oster et al.: I say NEVER, EVER, we seek you out and get you into proper legal tribunals and inquiries for we demand justice and accountability

by Paul Alexander

We want people jailed who deserve to be jailed who did wrong and it is proven legally! We have thousands of police, law enforcement, military who WILL die in time, due to the fraud harmful vaccine

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Amnesty? Let me Dr. Paul Elias Alexander be as clear as I can be on Dr. Emily Oster & all the INSANE illogical Branch COVIDian MADMEN and WOMEN; there must be no forgiveness, EVER, NEVER! PUNISHMENT!
Shove your Osterism, Dr. Oster, shove it! We seek justice and accountability and punishment where due. We want proper public inquiries and tribunals. As Leonardo says here as to talks of COVID amnesty for we have only just begun (and I despise his politics and tree hugging lies…
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Malone says ‘play nice’ para, ‘do not be like them’, para, I say WRONG, never ever play with these people, these are animals, beasts, malfeasants, and we go at them in proper inquiries and we clean them out and jail as many as we can and use every tactic they use and more! Wrong Malone, wrong! If you are not up to the fight, stand aside.