Amnesty? Let me Dr. Paul Elias Alexander be as clear as I can be on Dr. Emily Oster & all the INSANE illogical Branch COVIDian MADMEN and WOMEN; there must be no forgiveness, EVER, NEVER! PUNISHMENT!

by Paul Alexander

WTF? You then say ok, let us repent. Go ahead, make nice with your God for there will be pain in afterlife for what you did & partook in, your actions KILLED business owners, children; no forgiveness!

See substack below on FREE book, ‘Presidential Take down’. This is my view.

We will give you no quarter.

I/we did not consent. I/we haven’t forgotten. I/we do not forgive. Nor will we. We seek justice. And what did you say? Dr. Alexander seeks vengeance? Hell yes! Call it what you want! Yes, I seek punishment and in this I like Trump and his vengeance. Yes, as we would say in the islands ‘we love we a likkle vengenace’…the spelling is local slang.

You bitches, your lockdown lunatics in US, UK, Canadian governments etc., you beasts killed innocent people. Adults hung themselves in US. The media covered it all up. We had the actual data day to day! Little children hung themselves in the US, due to lockdowns. 8 years old, 12 years old, self-harmed, they could not hold on! We had the data day to day. CDC and NIH and Fauci knew what we had, we gave it to them at HHS. They laughed!

We had the data. Hung themselves. You thus must pay in some way allowable by law. You must pay!

You beasts came after me, hounded me, pounded me, slandered me, made me lose my income, cancelled me, went after McCullough, Wolf, Oskoui, Kulldorff, Ladapo, Tenenbaum, Trozzi, Hoffe, Payne, Kulvinder Gill, Hodkinson, Jeff Tucker of Brownstone, Bridle, Risch, Atlas, Bhattacharya et al. Why? Good law abiding people, smart, God fearing, nation loving. Lawful. Raising families. All we were, were contrarians, skeptics, seeking to share the complete information to best inform people for you were lying to them. Deceiving them. You with the government officials. You sick dogs! Yes, I call you dogs for that is what you were, rabid ‘road roaming’ dogs in heat, you hurt good people, damaged their lives and names and want to talk amnesty? Without payment and punishment? Never! You hurt hundreds of millions of innocent populations, denying early treatment and forcing, mandating a harmful untested vaccine onto them, just so they could put bread on the table. And you bitches want amnesty? Phu*k no!

Yes, there must be no closure, no forgiveness, no amnesty, until all who implemented these lockdown lunatic illogical specious policies and all who brought a vaccine known to have failed out of the gate, and known to be ineffective and harmful, until all of them, have paid a price. Again, until all who did this pay a price! We will allow the legal process to decide that but it will be steep and we will accept nothing less. No simple ‘mea culpa’.

A steep price, on that we will discuss, but it will be steep, involving a loss of your monies and jail time! Shame, disgust of you. History must record you as the inept corruptible fool you were and are. The money whores you all were, male and female, people who sold their own mothers for the right price. We could not even bury our dead and say good bye. You killed them in misery with your sedatives diamorphine, midazolam, the fraud liver and kidney toxic Remdesivir, and ventilation. You criminals!

Shove your Osterism, Dr. Oster, shove it! We seek justice and accountability and punishment where due. We want proper public inquiries and tribunals.

As Leonardo says here as to talks of COVID amnesty for we have only just begun (and I despise his politics and tree hugging lies):

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