'AN OPEN SECRET'; is this child pedophelia? is this 'grooming' of young people, men, for sex?, the world of rich connected people in America, is this it? number one problem in Hollywood is Pedophelia

by Paul Alexander

The crypto currency world is a putrid world of pedophelia, I learnt this when I went to Miami on an invited trip as part of efforts to court me to join a COVID type group of doctors, scientists

Yes, people came to me in a Miami home that I was attending, that was supposed to be a meeting about setting up a COVID group of doctors to wage the anti-COVID vaccine fight etc., and they shared discussions with me probing my thoughts. The content bordered on pedophelia; revealed the underbelly and lurid aspect of these rich people. Connected people, Hollywood people. This video shows you the damage to child actors in a world they could not control.

I have written before that Malone is not connected (he was one to take us/lead to Miami and prior Puerto Rico (some of us did not attend that initial one) to this and I need to be clear on this, nor the doctors on Global COVID Summit? etc. Some I know very well. I refer to the funders, the backers and Malone is connected to them I suppose money wise and the crypto aspects and it is his choice. But he must distance himself from that crypto world seeking to hook up with the COVID world and those people. It will tarnish his good name. Just the fact that crypto world peoples with lurid seedly backgrounds seek to back COVID initiatives is a red flag and why I bailed and did not further my involvement.

I did meet many people there and those who hosted the Miami house party that I ran away from. I have just started to really understand this crypto world and it is seedy, sleezy, and a ponzi scheme. Not good.

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