Antibiotic drug resistance; you know that arises when the wrong antibiotic, wrong dose, not completing the dose ensues; you know this; outcome can derive drug-resistant bacteria, complex to treat...

by Paul Alexander

expensive to treat, often leads to multi-drug resistant bacteria that is deadly; well, this is what Geert and I and others are telling you; this COVID mRNA shot is similar, cannot neutralize the spike

So stronger, fitter, hardier bacteria that are not killed by the wrong antibiotic and dose and duration, then emerge…this is drug-resistance…same here, the COVID variants/clades that could overcome the sub-optimal mRNA vaccine induced antibodies, also known as sub-optimal host immune pressure (rising from the population that is mass vaccinated), well, those viral variants that overcome (resist) this sub-optimal vaccinal immune pressure, those ‘immature’ and ‘undeveloped’ and ‘mounting’ and ‘imperfect’ vaccinal antibodies that are non-neutralizing (we are no longer referring to neutralizing antibodies as the omicron virus (sub-variants) has become resistant largely to the neutralizing vaccinal antibodies and so non-neutralizing antibodies then dominate). Omicron sub-variants are resistant also to the non-neutralizing antibodies.

Drug-resistant bacteria and COVID variants are kind of the same thing, in a simple explanation.

The so called ‘resistant’ variant (s) are much more infectious and hardier and ‘Darwinian’ fitter and now become the new dominant variant (s) as we saw in Delta and now omicron and emerging clades such as BA.4 and BA.5 etc.

It is the non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies that:

1)binds to the spike (epitopes/binding domains e.g. receptor binding domain or the N-terminal domain) yet while it binds, does not eliminate the virus (sterilize/neutralize it) but what it does do is

a)block innate antibodies from exercising their functional capacity to bind to the spike and eliminate the virus

b)causes the enhanced infectiousness of the virus to infect the vaccinated host; this is why the vaccinated person is becoming infected readily and at such elevated levels

2)the sub-optimal non-neutralizing antibodies place the infectiousness of the virus (spike) under tremendous selection pressure and this drives emergence of infectious variants, including elevated risk of virulent variant (s) to also emerge. If we continue with these ineffective non-neutralizing vaccines, we could drive emergence of a highly infectious yet at the same time virulent, lethal variant that could threaten humanity.