Are Chinese military and police and subversives getting into the US through the Southern Border? This is dangerous for America as we can be subverted from within; we are now contenting with terrorists

by Paul Alexander

coming in Southern border, now Chinese we do not know intent etc.; can we cope? 'Determined to Flee China, Thousands Take a Long, Dangerous Route to the Southern U.S. Border'; how do we know intent?

Who can say that these are not really Chinese special military etc. coming into America to launch an invasion from within? Is this another Trojan Horse? Trump must commit to mass deport all, I mean all who entered America illegally during Biden administration and even his, we have to reverse this, and all those coming now. Then re-vet properly and only those with legitimate reasons can stay; America should not be the dumping ground for terrorists and the dregs of your putrid shit hole society whomever you are; give us only the best and those who are law abiding, with good intent, love America and in no way seeks to harm her or her peoples. Period! Everyone else can phuck off and get out! Not interested in this guise of family reunification etc. Its a Trojan Horse, go ask I Omar.

You must be made to do some form of service to nation and flag to get that citizenship.