Are COVID gene injections (also known as COVID inoculations or vaccines) causing the excess mortality we are seeing? Are the excess deaths directly due to the COVID vaccines? The Daily Sceptic, YES!

by Paul Alexander

Will Jones

This remains the key question now for we are seeing excess deaths across the world and while some say it can be linked to the lockdowns and loss of treatment, some (we and I) argue that a large portion can be explained by the COVID injection directly. The Daily Sceptic’s Will Jones makes the case too.

SOURCE ‘The high number of U.K. excess deaths since April has finally made it into the mainstream media, courtesy of the Telegraph and Professor Carl Heneghan. According to the ONS, as of August 5th 2022 there have been 13,398 excess non-Covid deaths registered in England and Wales since April 23rd. The Telegraph reports that the Government is now looking into what is behind this alarming wave of unexplained deaths, which is about time, having previously said it would not. Does it only matter when the Telegraph says it?


However, nowhere are the vaccines mentioned by mainstream outlets as a possible factor. Instead, the impact of lockdowns (especially denial of healthcare access) and the lingering effects of Covid are put forward as likely causes. 

I don’t doubt that these will be contributing. But with the main causes of the excess deaths being related to the heart and circulatory system, and the Covid vaccines being known to injure the heart and cause clotting, it is frankly bizarre and irresponsible not to include the vaccines in a list of possible causes of a rise in heart deaths and strokes. 

A plausible scenario, for instance, would see vaccines and Covid combining to injure the heart and circulatory system. A signal for this would be a higher rate of cardiovascular deaths in the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated. Data on deaths by vaccination status are hard to come by (and the ONS data on this are missing thousands of deaths and apparently misclassifying them, according to Professor Norman Fenton). But data on hospitalisations by vaccination status for non-Covid reasons appear to show that the vaccinated are being hospitalised at a much higher rate than the unvaccinated.

It’s worth noting that cancer deaths, despite what some are claiming, are not currently running high, which suggests withdrawal of healthcare access is not playing as large a role as some suggest. If the problem was primarily being caused by withdrawal of healthcare access then we would expect a large rise in cancer deaths as well, not just heart deaths.

That the Covid vaccines can injure the heart is well-documented in the scientific literature. A large Scandinavian study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMAfound vaccination increased the risk of severe heart inflammation up to 120-fold. It also found that incidence of serious heart inflammation following infection (and not vaccination) was negligible, counting against the claim that the problem is primarily due to complications of Covid infection.

A major French study in Nature found serious heart inflammation up to 44 times higher after Covid vaccination.

A Thai preprint of a prospective cohort study in adolescents found cardiovascular adverse effects in almost one in three teenagers and suspected or confirmed heart inflammation in one in 29 young males.

The likely mechanism for this damage has been identified. A recent study showed that the coronavirus spike protein by itself damages the heart. Another study found that the spike protein can persist in the body for months following vaccination, causing debilitating symptoms.

A number of leading scientists and medics have been voicing concerns about the vaccines’ effects on the heart. Danish scientist Professor Christine Stabell-Benn analysed the vaccine trial data in a Lancet preprint and concluded that the data show a “potential danger signal” for heart-related deaths connected to the mRNA vaccines.

Dr. Peter Doshi, an Editor of the BMJ, also analysed the trial data in a pre-print and concluded the vaccines appear to be more likely to cause serious injury than prevent it.

A concerned heart surgeon in Japan wrote to Virology Journal to call for all Covid booster vaccinations to be stopped for safety reasons, citing in particular the impact on the heart.

There is further evidence of widespread serious injury from the Covid vaccines. Data from health insurance companies indicate a massive growth in claims for vaccine injuries since the Covid vaccines were rolled out. Surveys by governments and researchers indicate a rate of serious side effects of between 0.3% and 0.9% per dose. When you’re vaccinating tens of millions multiple times, that adds up to hundreds of thousands of serious injuries.

Studies which blame Covid frequently have flaws which exaggerate the impact of Covid on the heart and hide the impact of vaccines. For instance, a major study in Nature showed a huge increase in heart problems in ICU Covid patients compared to a control group. However, the control group consisted not just of ICU non-Covid patients but all non-Covid patients, so was confounded by the already poorer health of those in ICU. The study also didn’t distinguish those in ICU whose primary diagnosis was Covid, meaning it exaggerated the problem by including as Covid patients those in ICU with heart problems whose Covid infection was incidental. It also didn’t separate out the vaccinated and unvaccinated, so didn’t distinguish the consequences of infection and vaccination, meaning much of the problem could have been from vaccines rather than infection. Dr. Clare Craig analysed the data in the study’s supplementary information and found that the vaccinated-and-infected had much higher rates of heart inflammation than the unvaccinated-and-infected – a result consistent with the Scandinavian study cited above, which found negligible impact of Covid infection on the heart but a big problem from vaccination.

Covid and lockdowns may well have contributed to heart problems. But there’s a very obvious cause of heart injuries that mainstream outlets are entirely failing to acknowledge. Are they unaware of the studies on this, or are they just afraid to mention the vaccines? Either way, it is a serious failure in a matter of significant public concern. Let’s hope the Government does better.’