“Are There Tapes That You Accepted Bribes, President Biden?” – Biden Stunned After Reporter Ambushes Him with Question on Ukraine Bribery Scheme (VIDEO); apparently there are tapes & this is why '45'

by Paul Alexander

was indicted; the indicting of Trump was to misdirect you on Biden's 5 $ million (& Hunter's) bribery, this is where the smart strong money is riding; what do you think? I am trying to figure out

The pusillanimous weakling republican lead congress sat back as they impeached Trump twice, for nothing, saying ‘we dont hold the house’ yet now they do and Biden et al. face no impeachment. Do you understand what we mean by UNIparty and that they are all the same? Same dirty underwear, all we do is exchange seats at elections, re-arrange the bandits, but they keep the same dirty underwear, they remain same…IMO high crime bandits, most of them.

Washington reporters have been given the green light to go after Joe Biden.

Joe Biden on Tuesday afternoon walked by a group of reporters after delivering remarks at the Chiefs of Mission reception in the East Room.

A reporter ambushed Joe Biden and asked him about the Ukraine bribery scheme alleging he received a $5 million bribe from Mykola Zlochevsky, the Ukrainian oligarch who runs Burisma Holdings.