Are these illegals in New York that Hochul and Biden allowed in, these illegals with their raping & Fentanyl doing this to a black male? Is this how it is going now, illegals from the border beating

by Paul Alexander

native blacks? Where is police defending blacks who have lived in New York, paid their taxes, taken filth from the democrats for so long, raping tax payer with no help, now bring illegals to beat us?

The victim looks black to me, am I right? better not be…these illegals are going somewhere they do not want to go…heard about this before but if this is the way they are going, the police need to step in. Now. Before it gets bad. I would hang these beasts, no trial, hang them in the street for all to see…there are times to meet madness with madness. Sorry. You have to stop this, set an example once, just once. Show these types of beasts what law and order is, what a good governance society is.

Did you see the beast in the orange shirt take a knife of sorts and then slash the victim’s neck while he is on the ground, can you see it?

If the judge and police knows what is right, they would help hang these beasts in the street, will help reduce crime. Do it for all to see.