Are they thieves! America's wealthiest, including Tom Brady, Khloe Kardashian, Reese Witherspoon, Kanye and Nancy Pelosi's husband took millions in COVID PPP loans – and nearly all have been forgiven

by Paul Alexander

Thieves? maybe this is how you steal from the taxpayer; poor people could not get these loans; look, this entire thing, from the virus all the way, the PPP, all of it, was a get rich scheme, PUTRID

Their publicists will run now and tell us “well, Mr. West or Jay-Z qualified for the loans. They did not break the law, they were eligible so they took the loan. It is not their fault it was forgiven”…that’s a whole load of bull shit, it was designed for this, to enriched these people…ha ha ha, this entire COVID was a huge scam. And poor people paid the price, including suffering the highest burden of infection and death; in the lockdown lunacy, we shifted the burden to them who could not café latte zoom work. It is so perverse. The zoom laptop class got to walk their dogs and catch up on reading some books and vacation, while the poorer in society died from exposure. This is how they roll. This is the legacy of Fauci and Birx lockdowns.

Now we have the CDC reversing everything. Bullshit, we put these people in a court and jail them too once we show they did wrong.

The 6 foot social distancing was a lie, bullshit made up, not one piece of science. The technocrats and Fauci and Redfield and these morons did not care! Nothing, lockdowns, masks, school closures, all of it was a lie!