ARJUN WALIA is over the target, BOOM! Much respect for the gonadic writing here, this scholarship! The King's Coronation Makes Headlines, But All I Can Think About Is Royal Family Pedophile Allegation

by Paul Alexander


‘King Charles and Queen Camilla have been crowned, with eyes all over the world watching the coronation take place on May 6th. Every radio station you tuned into was talking about it, every big mainstream media outlet was covering it, and every major television network was showing it.


The coronation has been surrounded by protests to abolish the monarchy for these reasons and more.

Every time something major regarding the Royal Family takes place, I can’t help but think about child sex trafficking. Who knows, perhaps I am wrong in my assumptions, but then again, perhaps I’m not.

I started researching Jeffrey Epstein more than ten years ago. I was horrified by what I found. This led me to elite pedophile rings involving the sexual abuse and the death of little children.

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The evidence of this type of activity taking place and the number of credible sources that have come forward over the years is shocking, yet even with all of the mainstream attention that’s been given to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, nobody really knows about it. In many cases it’s still deemed a conspiracy theory.

Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at a royal party hosted by Prince Andrew.

This led me to Prince Andrew and the Royal Family. I learned that these types of allegations were not only unique to Prince Andrew. For example, in his book “The Mountbattens: Their Lives & Loves,” biographer Andrew Lownie notes that in a 1944 FBI file, Elizabeth de la Poer Beresford, Baroness Decies, said “that in these circles, Lord Louis Mountbatten and his wife are considered persons of extremely low morals.”

Mountbatten was a member of the Royal Family.

She stated that Lord Louis Mountbatten was known to have a perversion for young boys. In Lady Decies’ opinion, he was an unfit man to direct any sort of military operations because of this condition. She stated further that his wife Lady Mountbatten was considered equally erratic.

Further, Lownie interviewed two men who both said they were raped by Mountbatten. One was a resident at the notorious Kincora Boys Home in Belfast, which was later found to be the center of a pedophile ring for powerful men.

The Guardian describes:

“A number of Kincora abuse victims have tried through the courts to force the scandal to be included in the national investigation into allegations of establishment paedophile rings operating in Westminster.

Gary Hoy tried and failed last month to force the home secretary to include Kincora in the Westminster inquiry. Hoy and others fear that the Kincora inquiry, which is based in Northern Ireland and taking hearings at the court in Banbridge, County Down, will not have access to sensitive MI5 intelligence files on the people who ran Kincora.

Amnesty International has described the Kincora scandal as one of the most disturbing to emerge from the Ulster Troubles.

Patrick Corrigan, Amnesty’s director in Northern Ireland, said: “Nothing less than a full public inquiry – with all the powers of compulsion which that brings – can finally reveal what happened and the role that the security services may have played in the abuse of these vulnerable boys.”

Former Kincora residents, from left to right, Richard Kerr, Gary Hoy, and Clint Massey. At least 29 boys were abused at the East Belfast home.

Peter McKelvie, a former child protection chief in the UK, gained attention when he claimed that senior politicians, military figures and even people linked to the Royal Family were among alleged child sexual abusers. 

While working in Hereford and Worcester, he helped to convict notorious child abuser Peter Righton, who was once one of the country’s most respected authorities on child care. McKelvie is one of many who told the world that these types of powerful VIP pedophile rings have been running in secrecy for multiple years.

A member of the Royal family was claimed to be part of suspected paedophile ring under investigation by police in the late 1980s. A former Metropolitan Police officer said he was told by a detective sergeant that the investigation into the ring, which was also claimed to include an MP, was shut down for “national security reasons.”

Again, accusations and investigations of Royal Family pedophilia are very long. This article doesn’t even touch the tip of the iceberg but does provide a bit of a background and some leads if you’re interested in furthering your research.

Sonia Poulton, a British journalist, social commentator and filmmaker, has been investigating the dark web of pedophilia for years. Her investigations have connected politicians like Margaret Thatcher, 'Sir' Edward Heath, David Cameron, Theresa May and more to the cover-up (and for some, the actual facilitation) of sex crimes against children. 

Her documentary 'Paedophiles in Parliament' is a shocking exposé which links many MPs to child abuse. Sonia exposes how the British Royal Family is also tied to this.

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It’s not just UK royals, but royals across Europe have been implicated in this type of activity as well.

In 2004 a Belgium pedophile and child killer Marc Dutroux was sentenced to life in prison for the abduction and rape of six girls – aged between eight and 19 – in 1995 and 1996, and the deaths of two of them, who he buried alive.  A book published by two French journalists regarding Marc Dutroux implicated King Albert II in these pedophile rings as well. The Royal Family actually took the journalists to court.

Again, everything I am presenting in this article has to do with allegations. It doesn’t mean they are true.

A residential school survivor from Canada by the name of William Coombes was set to testify at a session of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State against humanity committed by Elizabeth II and her husband but suddenly had a mysterious deathCoombes described how the Queen and her husband paid a visit to the residential school where he was placed and took a number of the kids with them when they left.

Again, the accusations go on and on. This article isn’t a deep dive at all into the phenomenon. Over the years I’ve compiled various articles and pieces of evidence, as have many others, that could be compiled into a series of books. This is simply an introduction into where many of these accusations stem from.

For those who are interested, we conducted a 4 part series with Anneke Lucas. She describes her riveting story of growing up as a child sex slave to high profile politicians. She reveals how things operate, her in depth story, and an incredibly important underlying message of global healing we can all go through as the widespread reality of this becomes more clear to humanity.’



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The King's Coronation Makes Headlines, But All I Can Think About Is Royal Family Pedophile Allegations
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