Army to immediately start discharging vaccine refusers; my view is if any solider dies and they have already, all involved including Defense Secretary, must be tried and imprisoned; there is no basis

by Paul Alexander

This is catastrophic for they are rendering the troops inoperable; these vaccines can have devastating consequences; and remember, China CCP did not force us to do this, we did it to our soldiers

Army to immediately start discharging vaccine refusers | WEAR (

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Army said Wednesday it will immediately begin discharging soldiers who have refused to get the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine, putting more than 3,300 service members at risk of being thrown out soon.

The Army's announcement makes it the final military service to lay out its discharge policy for vaccine refusers. The Marine Corps, Air Force and Navy have already discharged active-duty troops or entry-level personnel at boot camps for refusing the shots. So far, the Army has not discharged any.