Arrest warrant for me, moves to silence me, and just pure chaos today; why? because the truckers won and the govn lost the narrative; use of brute force means you lost; and I still support the blue

by Paul Alexander

So let me brief you in case you already saw on social media etc.

The time has come to terminate the pandemic state of emergency. It is time to end the controls, the closures, the restrictions, the plexiglass, the stickers, the exhortations, the panic-mongering, the distancing announcements, the ubiquitous commercials, the forced masking, the vaccine mandates.  

If the govn had 3 weeks and could not get the truckers to leave, and then had to resort to brute force to move them, then this means the govn lost. Period.

There is so much mis-information and dis-information in this COVID. You do not know what or who to believe. I don’t. Early this morning, we were getting reports that the govn all the way to the top were angered at the speeches I and Hodkinson and Bridle were making and that their public health officials had no answer for; they were angry and embarrassed at the high-level meeting we hosted in Ottawa where Dr. Byram Bridle, Dr. Roger Hodkinson, and I sat there awaiting, with data waiting patiently for the senior govn officials Dr. Theresa Tam, Dr. Howard Njoo, and Dr. Shelly Deeks to show. We officially invited them. We even invited via the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). You all know they did not show.

This morning the reports from insiders were that my talks and science was so very punishing to the govn’s narrative which showed that the truckers had 100% of the science on their side. That vaccine mandates were unscientific and had no data or evidence to support them, especially given more than 10 nations recently moved (announced) to scrap mandates. I always shared that I was not involved in the money aspect of the convoy 2022, the logistics, or legal side, and nothing other than the medicine and science aspect, the evidence based medicine etc. The latter was my role. So it was considerably troubling when I learnt early today that moves were afoot to silence me and any one who spoke to support the truckers but I was a particular focus given the types of interviews I gave. Interviews laced with science and data that was hurting the govn’s message. Or lack of one. I was told the embedded interview (below) I did a day or so ago was devastating to the govn.

Needless to say, about midday today, as we were preparing to give a speech to the truckers and protestors, I was called and messaged that an arrest warrant was issued for me (and others)…and it was already in the media. I began asking why and those in the know and with deep contacts told me if this is true, persons they spoke to indicated the move was to silence me from the tops of government and to prevent us from having any talks this Saturday. From the crowds and reception last Saturday, the move was to crush any possibility of rallies and also, to ensure I did not get to a stage to deliver any talks on science, on anything related to COVID.

So of course I needed to know if this is true for there is nothing I did across the time to cause this. Yet this is/was a very serious matter especially since persons were already arrested and were being as I was told this. So the first thing I did was reach out to people I thought would know and to get my family to safety. We were moved to a safe place in Ottawa as we sought to assess the credibility of the reports. Lots of folk were telling me it is in social media already, some said they never did hear in the official news media and the like. It was a very confusing and others were saying its bogus and just meant to stand me down to not speak, to scare me. Thus much information and I reached out to legal folk to go behind the scenes to verify so that I could respond as I would have to. As of this writing 11.50 pm EST Saturday 19th Feb, I am told that there is no indication that this is true and that the reports were bogus and meant to scare me and others into not taking the stage or talking to the truckers. I was already told that I could not enter the restricted zone and had been complying even to the extent of moving from my hotel that was in the zone. So as of this writing, there is no firm indication where this came from and who initiated and what is the basis. In other words, I do not know and am seeking information. The basis is to silence however.

Legal people are inquiring with the proper law enforcement etc. to get accurate information for me. The information so far indicates that Hodkinson, me, anyone are being silenced and I in particular given the manner I speak and the potency of the message and how I deliver it. I was told today that my interviews scare the govn and especially when I talk directly to the police and military about the lack of safety of the vaccines and the lethality of myocarditis to their young children (mainly males) if they take the vaccine. I am told this was expected that they would push to silence me even if what I am saying is to educate and inform and help. Govn, this govn cannot have this as it relates to COVID.

This is all I know at this time and wanted to update you.

Speech interview that reportedly angered the leaders and prompted a frenzy to silence me (short and longer interviews):

Dr. Paul Alexander to MSM and Gov't --You Failed!

Longer complete interview Dr. Paul Alexander

In all of this, I remain a supporter and defender of the good police…I do support the blue and I know there can be rogue ones and these should always be punished. But in large we are dealing with very good people and in difficult situations. I do think we are dealing with good people who need a pay check and are under orders but in all that, I do draw the line with unnecessary force and think they should not have and should not hurt the protestors and truckers who have been peaceful. I was there for near 3 weeks. I am hoping they the police let their good selves guide them. I am angered and dismayed and outraged by the reports and instances we all know of in the media especially where brute force was used and in my opinion, should not have been used. This was horrible, inexcusable, and needs an urgent inquiry and investigation to see where those orders came from. Why this happened. This was wrong.

I close by reminding the police that the fight the trucker wages and I, is for you too, so that you are not harmed by the mandates, so that your child does not drop dead on the soccer field from vaccine induced myocarditis, and that your parents and grand parents can get early treatment and not have to suffer on the ventilator and treated when its too late. The fight is for the police too. They must keep this in mind and understand that the trucker is waging a battle unlike any other and should be protected and not harmed.

I do want this solved fast as to the mandates and all the protests etc. Peacefully, civilly, non violence. The trucker is 100% correct. The govn has zero science on its side to support any vaccine mandate. The vaccine does not stop transmission and that, along with the mildness of omicron, is all that we need to lift the mandates and the underlying emergency declaration. The latter must be removed, if anything is to be removed. Both must be but the latter is critical. The truckers won this and awakened the world. We owe them so much praise. Let us resolve to solve this fast and a win for all and we go on with lives. We do need however public inquiries to assess what went wrong and ensure if wrong was done, that there is accountability.

I end by extending blessings to all and huge love and respect. Wishing all a better and brighter tomorrow. It holds steep promise.

I also share this opinion piece in WSJ:

‘Mr. Trudeau justifies the “public-order emergency” by inflating the protest into a terrorist plot to overthrow government. The Canadian Civil Liberties Association disagrees and sued Thursday. It says the standards for an emergency—“threat or use of acts of serious violence against persons or property” that “seriously endangers the lives, health or safety of Canadians” beyond “the capacity or authority of a province to deal with it”—are not met.

Protests aren’t emergencies, and Western leaders had better get used to handling civil disobedience firmly without traducing civil liberties. Mr. Trudeau criminalized a protest movement, deputizing financial institutions, without due process or liability, to find and freeze personal accounts of blockaders and anyone who helps them. These extraordinary measures are a needless abuse of power.’