Arrest warrant update, as of 8 pm EST Feb 20th 2022; I will share what I have done today as to this arrest issue & learnt with legal counsel; know that I have been told this was to silence me SATURDAY

by Paul Alexander

I want to also say something on the attack here on me, to silence me, and how govn and media have operated throughout this COVID pandemic. Horribly...reprehensible.

Ok, here is my update:

1) The crowds each Saturday in Ottawa in terms of people driving in were growing exponentially each Friday to Saturday and the crowd last Saturday was so massive and thick that I was scared going to talk on the stage as we could not move and I feared at times if I lost my feet I would be trampled, it was so massive and my photos should tell you…some estimate last Saturday was 3 million in Ottawa across Ottawa.

2) I am told the aim yesterday was to scare us into silence, and with a focus on me; I was told “an arrest warrant was issued for specifically you” at some points, then with the other doctors Hodkinson and Bridle, and most “a focus on you”…this concerned me

3) I was told the speeches were so very punishing to the government and their scientists that if we put on another Saturday set of speeches, the govn would have completely lost the narrative; in mind mind they already did, but this was told to us that they could not afford one more Saturday with us on stage and specifically me given how I spoke and what I shared as to the COVID science; I was told the crowds wanted to hear you and Hodkinson…but you Paul was delivering the science in a way that they understood and heard for the first time and the govn was very concerned about my interviews and stage performances…I would agree, I could be punishing ha ha

4) So needless my aim yesterday even though I was travelling, was to make sure family was safe as I got to the bottom of this warrant issue

5) So what did I learn today as to the warrant so that if valid, I would present to the police. My aim is to do what is needed legally.

a) Several legal people contacted me to help me; I got in contact with one legal individual who I have asked to help me as counsel simply to figure out the validity urgently and if valid, my next steps in terms of presenting live or if he could address things for me on my behalf in terms of if there is a demand, he could address etc. I do not know how this works but if they wanted me to do a, b, c, d etc., he would know and advise me and we would go about doing it e.g. if para ‘you cannot go into the red zone’…then I would agree etc. Anyway, he advised me not to call the police direct to validate the issue as I was about to do this, as it is best to have counsel to do this the proper way. I agreed.

b) He contacted the Toronto police and after their internal examination, they advised that if it were Canada wide, they would know and they had nothing. This was good news, meaning as he suggested, it is likely local to Ottawa.

c) Then he advised me he called the Ottawa police and spoke to the police direct on my behalf. They were reticent to give information but after some discussion and hold, he was told that they could not comment or give him any answer today on the warrant issue as it related to me. This was odd to him and me. But anyway, they said they would let him know tomorrow. So I am unsure why they could not give him an answer today e.g. if short staffed or the like. I trust they were being on the up, the persons that spoke with my lawyer. So he had his discussions with them, he briefed me on what he said, and now he awaits them getting back to him as my lawyer. He has asked me not to discuss any detail and that he is dealing direct with the Ottawa police on my behalf and will address the issues with them. Whatever they are (or not). I respect what he has asked of me.

So this is it as of now, 9.14 pm EST. It is stressful waiting for this could be real or not real and I do not know….many have come forward to tell me that this was likely a false flag to rattle me and the like. Some said social media makes a disaster when it gets out of control. Well, you know how badly yesterday went for all and me too for it was stressful. There was lots of pain meted out to good people.

Needless to say, very well linked people and even several in law enforcement advised me today that the game here was to silence me, pure and simple. Including if a false flag. Given my presenting of the lack of science and merit for the mandates and why the emergency declaration must be lifted now, and that the Trudeau govn nor any federal or provincial public health officials had any answer to what I was saying. Look, we challenged them to show up and give us something to support the ongoing mandates…they in the Canadian govn could not. We knew they had and have no basis for the mandates or the emergency. Every day these mandates were in place was wrong. I know, I will wager you that now the federal govn and provincial especially Ontario will be running to outdo each other on how fast they could drop the mandates. The truckers made the nation know the govn, the ‘emperor’, has no clothes.

They will tell you the virus OMI is now mild. So that's the reason. They will tell you their polices were successful. They would be lying, they all failed! They always knew this…this was purely about abuse of you and me and power and greed. We WON!!!!!!!!!!! The truckers WON!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make no mistake. The issue here is these govn people need to save face…so trying to figure out how to. But it was the Canadian trucker the nation and world needs to thank for their heroism.

Receive the trucker as heroes when they come home. Open your hearts to these people, the finest among us! The police must know the trucker fights for them too, to protect them and their children and their loved ones from these damaging baseless mandates.

We need massive public inquiries now and if they did wrong, anyone, they must be held to account in the maximal legal way. They need to answer to us tax payers where the PPE and hospital money has gone…who got what? Whose brother and friends got bogus corrupted kickback contracts? We need to fire the entire College of Physician and Surgeon corrupted people, in all Canadian provinces, for they costed lives, all of them for how they tied the hand of doctors and moved to sanction those who used early treatment. We need to hold doctors to account for their failures here and move to secure their grants and income ONLY and failure to treat their patients with safe and effective early treatment. Patients died due to them. Children died, committed suicide due the the Trudeau govn’s COVID failed policies. We need to hold them legally to account…with proper legal inquiries.

Again, I still support the blue despite what happened the last 2 days with beating of the protestors…of every 1000 good police, there is 1 bad, agreed…I am even told rank and file Ottawa police were not there...I would not bash them…I wont…despite what is happening to me…or not…

I will update you when I know next. I am hoping tomorrow I would know if this is a real issue or a false flag or what.

But one thing is for sure. I am a law abiding person. I love Canada and its people and flag. I cherish it. I love the trucker. I am a scientist and I will not be silent, I never will, my writings and interviews speak for themself, but I will continue to stand with the trucker for they have the 100% science on their side and that's my role. To support and inform the nation and world as to the failure of all the COVID policies by the federal and provincial and city level technocrats and bureaucrats and Task Forces. To show how ineffective the COVID vaccines are and harmful and help ensure the vaccine developers and all involved who brought this failed vaccine, and there was harm, that they are accountable. I will never be silenced. I will continue to work to ensure our children are never given these vaccines and plead with parents to say ‘NO’. These vaccines could end up killing your children. The harm studies were never done.

The govn in Canada and in US, UK etc. failed for they locked down the healthy in society and still failed to protect the vulnerable (elderly), this causing devastating crushing harms and death. Tragically, we shifted the burden of morbidity and mortality to the vulnerable, those least able to afford to shield. Lockdowns did not protect the vulnerable, but rather harmed the vulnerable and shifted the morbidity and mortality burden to the underprivileged. 

We instead locked down the ‘well’ and healthy in society, which is unscientific and nonsensical, while at the same time failing to properly protect the actual group that lockdowns were proposed to protect, the vulnerable and elderly. We actually did the opposite. We shifted the burden to the poor and caused catastrophic consequences for them. They were in the worst economic situation to afford the lockdowns and estimates are that it will be decades for them to recover from what we did.

Let me end by focusing here on the devastating brutal attacks on scientific dissent, such as on me, with regards to my positions about failed lockdown type policies, whereby prognosticators, dissenters, and contrarians like myself (Atlas, Gupta, Kulldorff, Bhattacharya, Heneghan, Jefferson, Tenenbaum, McCullough, Risch, Tucker, Bridle, Wolf, Ladapo, Oskoui, Trozzi, Christian, Hodkinson, Gill, Makary, Merritt, Vliet, Epstein, Davis Hanson, Levitt, etc.), who raise questions about the clearly flawed and failed lockdown and vaccines and mandate policies (including those regarding vaccine mandates especially for children and the denial of early outpatient treatment), are smeared and attacked by the media and by ex cathedra academic and medical peers, including universities, and now, by the scientific journal publishing domain.

I am referring to invidious, vicious, malicious, and often ruthless career-altering attacks that are lobbed against anyone who dares to speak out and voice their often ‘expert’ opinions against failed Covid-19 orthodoxies. These smears and slanders and even verbal and physical threats (and now the government using shocking steps now e.g. arrest) originate from government and persons (often those in the research medical community) who disagree with a skeptic’s position on Covid-19 public health policies and in this case as to the call to remove the unscientific vaccine mandates and all mandates that are unsound. Regardless of if the contrarian is making sensible and often accurate assessments. 

Dissenters like me are subjected to punishing firings, intimidation, and maligning of their names that result in tremendous and overwhelming losses to the contrarian’s personal safety, welfare, and livelihood. Now there is the threat of police arrest. It is incredible where we have gone now as a society. There is this ‘cancel culture mob mentality’ that ensues, and the threats and harassment are incredibly troubling, even when the skeptical academic (s) lays out their view that is entirely evidence-based. There is no room for free speech

I end by pleading that this must stop. These attacks, and the medical and scientific community must rise now to protect its sons and daughters, its kin, protect them. It could just as easily be you and not me, under this threat.

As I said before, I will never be silenced! I am speaking the science others have failed to speak given they sold the nation out for money and greed and benefits. Shameful!