Arrest warrant update: as you see, I am now in California with the US trucker convoy as I will be speaking this morning; look, my lawyer have been communicating with Ottawa and addressing this

by Paul Alexander

As you know, I am not getting into bashing police etc. for as I have said, the police were tremendous and loving with the protestors in Ottawa all along; I was there, I have photos and interviews

I do not know more than what I shared above and trust what my lawyer has advised me.

The issue is the govn moved heavily to censor and silence Hodkinson and Bridle and I, we were punishing in Ottawa to the govn failure and no basis for the mandates; there is no data and no evidence and each day any mandate stays is wrong and illogical especially when other nations are dropping theirs; it is not that Canada has another virus circulating; so the trucker is correct and they have 100% of the science on their side.

I fear many police in time, will be very ill and may die from the mandated vaccines to them; that they have taken already; I beg them, not as your physician, but as someone who care for your safety, as a human being, just as a fellow Canadian and US resident, very informed on COVID and these vaccines; DO NOT take any more shots, do not, please do not for your safety, the gov of Canada or its public health officials lied to you, they mislead you, they have no idea about safety and have given you and mandated something that will kill some of you across time, and your children.

I beg the govn of Canada to talk urgently on solving this, and to work to heal the nation, so many have been hurt by the decisions made here and the rest of the world is looking on in dismay, work to let us resolve this for the trucker and rest of society; for all, so people can begin healing, the nation has to heal, let the people heal, this is your brother and sister brutalized here, lets have a difficult discussion but a needed one, peaceful and full of love and harmony and a need to solve…I am not bashing Trudeau here, I am angered and dismayed and devastated by his leadership and what he set upon the truckers and protestors, this was not needed; I want those who made orders to be investigated, we must inquire to see what wrong was done here for it makes no sense how peaceful truckers and protestors could be attacked this way, this was not needed, these were great Canadians, something is not right.

I will never bash Canada, how could I such a great nation and flag. I will lay my life down for Canada is asked.

We each answer for our decisions and he Trudeau will at the polls, his government, so I will not bash, there is a process for all actions, I extend an open hand however with Bridle and Hodkinson and TBOF and all who want this to solve and to heal the nation, let us solve this, let us urgently debate this and please, Premier Brian Peckford is critical to this, his depth and breadth and love of Canada is clear. He can help.

100% of the science is on the side of the trucker, and we can debate on the method to solve issues, but the time is now to drop the mandates and emergency declaration, there is no basis other now that abuse and power.

Huge hugs to you all today who read this…I talk on the stage this morning as the truckers in US begin the roll out, big love to Dr. Kory.