Arthur L. Caplan, remember this demon, this so called intellect, writing "It’s Okay for Docs to Refuse to Treat Unvaccinated Patients"...imagine this? That he would want refusal of treatment

by Paul Alexander

Sue me Arthur, you demon, people like you and your COVID lunacy, how's the vaccine working out for you now? Must have gotten them in your eyeballs too...on the booster treadmill and can't get off of?

So if this entitled freak’s mother chose to be unvaccinated, blessings to her, her choice, let us pretend (and I do not know these people), maybe she was COVID recovered, maybe just did not want it, maybe was allergic to PEG, maybe saw that the vaccine failed and did not work, and is harmful, so did not want it, so if she needed urgent medical life saving attention, should she be left to die Arthur, you dangerous freak? Who gave this nutball, this egotistical moron the right to decide that unvaccinated are to be not treated? Where do these idiots come out from? Why would he get to a place to decide that people who chose to be unvaccinated should be outcast and not even get medical and hospital treatment? Is he that insane? Was he? And he is a medical ethicist? His behavior and statements during the height of COVID last year were near deranged. Did his mind go deranged in lockdown lunacy? To regain relevance, he should apologize to the readers. He may have caused lots of pain and loss. See, I am doing to the left what they are good at.