Artur Pawlowski: Premier Danielle Smith, now it is over to you to help Artur, it is time you stepped up & did the right thing, you have the power; who do you know in Alberta do more good for poor

by Paul Alexander

people than he? He feeds thousands per week off the street, poor people, street or just poor folk, he feeds them, near daily; do you do this Premier? Over to you, show us the stones we think you have

Time to rise above the politics and media and NDP and do the right thing, do not be afraid of them, you will be rewarded at the polls. And help free the 4 who are held now for 400 days due to Trudeau.

This is nor a bad man, this is politics, the Premier wanted to help, IMO did nothing wrong, and we all are goofy and bumbling at times. But no harm, no foul meant. It is time Danielle that you took control of this crap and read them the riot act. Do not be timid, it will cost you the election. People seek leaders now. Leaders. No wafflers.

Help Pastor Artur.