As I have said before, COVID is done and OMICRON is/was the exit off-ramp; it will be 'NOT DONE' if this non-sterilizing injection continues; it is causing the variants every 2 mths or so; STOP vax!

by Paul Alexander

We are preventing this virus from entering into a stable 'endemic' relationship by the injection and its sub-optimal immune pressure, causing selection of competitively advantaged variants

If we want COVID to settle down and become endemic and we address it alike a seasonal virus and it peters out, we stop the injection; its that simple; Mueller’s ratchet has done its work; if we do not, and we continue with these failed harmful injections, that do not work, that do not and cannot cut the chain of transmission, then every few months, there will be a new variant emerging and it will be more infectious and there may be one that is lethal enough that could conceivably threaten humanity; its akin to ebola, we have not yet dealt with an aerosolized version, if we ever deal with an air borne strain/variant of ebola, then humanity can be wiped out; we dodged a bullet with ebola Reston…that was as a risk as a WW III risk…we did not understand what had just happened.

If we want this to continue, we keep vaccinating. Do not change. If we want to end this pandemic, we stop vaccinating. Its the vaccine that is causing the variants. Its because the vaccine is incapable of eliminating the virus (stopping infection, replication, transmission) and so it is putting the virus under sub-optimal non-neutralizing pressure on the viral infectiousness aka the spike. It is ‘poking’ the virus and not ‘eliminating’ it. The virus responds to any pressure we place on it, including lockdowns etc. If we wish to end this, we do not submit the virus to pressure that does not destroy/eliminate it (stop transmission). That is a sub-optimal challenge it is very willing and has the evolutionary capacity to overcome. The real question is why did they bring a non-sterilizing, non-neutralizing injection in the first place? Its as if they wanted this to go one forever.