As I have said time & again, ONLY in Canada: Now the Canadian Cancer Society is reading us the riot act on cervical cancer screening for biological men who identify as women; Lord help me make sense

by Paul Alexander

of this madness all around us Lord please, we have perverted men who seek really to rape women & kids, identifying as women, we have camera people & real estate agents interviewed as COVID scientists

And with all this that we have, we are to keep a straight face and sit back and accept this. We have people who are nothing other that grifters and IMO basic crooks taking money from unsuspecting people in the name of ‘COVID’, kind of like the Nigerian phone scammers, to me, same thing. These are low life people enriching themselves on hurt and pain.

And we have these Bruce Jenner types, polluting the minds of our children and shoving this crap down our throats. With the aid of governments who are pimping for votes. Can you the reader tell me if you think a trans person who is a man, is to have cervical cancer screening?


‘A transgender person (often abbreviated to trans person) is someone whose gender identity or gender expression does not correspond with their sex assigned at birth.[1][2]

So a man is a man is a man, he is not a woman, and he does not have a cervix. So what are we testing? What is the Pap test for?