Ashish Jha wants all children vaccinated; I wish to ask this ding dong, this 'blinker', where is the evidence for this? this block head knows children bring statistical zero to the table, vax can harm

by Paul Alexander

This idiot said all Americans will need a booster; I mean, where is this egg head getting data from? What is he talking about? Why would he want all children vaccinated? Based on what?

And you can tell I am angry for this man knows that the vaccine has shown to be ineffective and can kill and causes serious harms yet he wants healthy children to be vaccinated who are at near zero risk. Why? And Biden has him now as a senior COVID advisor, so how could we go from the most inept illogical, non-sensical person Fauci who caused the deaths of thousands with his bogus lockdowns and school closures, him and Birx and this catastrophic vaccine, to as worse or even worser, if worser is a word, I want it as a word to describe Jha; IMO he is dangerous to the safety of our children, hell to everyone with his mandates fetish. I know worser is not a word but want to jerk the chain of the media and the like ;-)

You need to listen to Jha across 2 years of the junk he spouted on CNN and similar to grasp the breadth and depth of his lunacy, his lockdown lunacy. I am trying to be kind here in my own idiocy at times and I can be one too, but where is the evidence he and Fauci and these idiots like Walensky, these so called ‘scientific idiots’ are looking at? And call me an idiot if you or anyone wants, but bring evidence, come debate me, come debate McCullough or Oskoui or Risch, come, bring data, show us your data…I want to debate this ding dong, for it is absurd and ridiculous and irrational the drivel he utters daily and confuses the nation and misleads the nation, for there is no science to support this…none. and he talks about science, but he knows for 2 years he has been flat wrong on all he has said. The only one who could challenge him for garbage on CNN is Wen.

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