Ask Vinay Prasad one simple question, "how many COVID patients have you treated? Are your statements ONLY based on reading articles that are as we know flawed and what you hear on CNN"?

by Paul Alexander

Ask the Dr. given he is saying McCullough and Malone are speculative, ask him...IMO, he is promoting himself and has done it well and he is a shill for vaccines; listen carefully

He is trying to be relevant, he has his views but he is trying to force his way onto Rogan etc. I know how he operates, we see him, we get it…he is stating everything here that we know.

Actually perverse, someone with no pedigree of the people he is insulting. Not that he cannot, but what he is saying is wrong, factually, and the fact in the interview, he did not produce the evidence to back up his statements. Just like Fauci “Oh I follow the science”…well, where is the evidence that McCullough and Malone are wrong? Where?

IMO, he cannot walk in the shoes of McCullough and Malone, a ‘baby’. He is saying the ‘safe’ things to be relevant, and is a vaccine shill. ‘Not enough proof’ BS. He makes Jha blush from Brown U.

IMO…this is my opinion. You can have yours on this interview.

This female interviewer is hitting Malone etc. and it is clear she does not like Malone etc. so this was a hit piece. You could see her nostrils flare in contempt for Malone and McCullough. Why? He is actually sleezy how he is doing this, trying to sound like he is very informed, what he states here I can produce 5,000 doctors or scientists who can say same and even more eloquently…

Don't sleeze your way there man, earn it. To me, you are trying to cover up for the failure of you and doctors, you Vinay, who stood by and dithered and made videos, and failed to use early treatment to save lives, 800,000 people is US died due to you and other nihilistic doctors who were concerned with your job and grants and the like…take me on with that. Lets give McCullough a Nobel prize.