'Asymptomatic transmission' study in 2020 out of China using a sample of 10 million persons, showed us that asymptomatic transmission for this COVID virus was a LIE! Fauci et al. all knew it! NO cases

by Paul Alexander

Asymptomatic transmission lie was to force you to lock down, get masks, and take the fraud mRNA gene shot; of 300 asymptomatics, NONE produced LIVE infectious virus via over-cycled RT-PCR (>24 cycles)

‘300 asymptomatic cases…There were no positive tests amongst 1,174 close contacts of asymptomatic cases.’

Bottom line:

This was one of the early studies, seminal, showing that asymptomatic transmission was really non-existent and rare if at all, for this pathogen. Global health experts e.g. CDC, FDA, NIH, PHAC etc. knew this yet moved to scare the public with transmission lies. This was to force lockdowns and you taking the fraud injection.