Attacks on Stew Peters & the 'Died Suddenly' video are wrong, misguided & the enemy wins; you must unify to fight the globalist & malfeasants; & we will not fight the leftist deepstate

by Paul Alexander

with kid gloves & rainbows & butterflies, no this is WAR! & as they seek to destroy us & have killed people with lockdowns & fraud COVID injection, so we must decimate them; see Kingston's substack

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Dr. Robert Malone is not exactly correct in his substack; hmmm, is Malone going 'Emily Oster AMNESTY on us? IMO if one cannot meet the enemy toe to toe & more, stay on the fence & out of the fight
This paragraph in Malone’s piece is the subject of my substack and will be dealt with down below after my open: “For what its worth, I hold “our side” to higher standards than I have come to expect from corporate (broadcast and published) media. I reject the assertion that, on the battlefield of the current 21st century unrestricted media and information…
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Karen Kingston’s substack on the attacks on Stew Peters is bang on and I share and support her please. Karen likes Stew’s work. I see no issue with it for Stew is our answer to the filthy left radical swamp media. Corrupted media. He gives them what they give and some. He ‘throws’ down like it should, no kiddy gloves here.

Come on, we face one really dark enemy. Let us stop this. Let us unite. Malone, Breggin, Stew et al. You guys are adults. Work this out amicably and quietly and nicely. Let us come together, we have different ways of getting there but same destination. I urge all to step back, regain regard and respect. Move on. We must be our brother’s keeper, exercise gracious mercy. Learn to say “I am sorry” or ‘I did not mean that”. I urge. I pray for the lord to grant you all favor and blessings, to protect you all and to do the next best right thing. In the meantime, thank you all for the great work you do.

The Kingston Report
The Film 'Died Suddenly' Lacks Scientific Evidence that COVID-19 Vaccines Cause Mysterious Blood Clots, according to Forbes
Stew Peters’ documentary Died Suddenly premiered on Monday, November 21, 2022, and has reached over 10 million views in less than one week. Despite its success, the film has been met with less than rave reviews from the mainstream media and even some harsh critique from the alternative media and expert influencers…
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