Auckland, New Zealnd today; the wolf, I told you about the wolf, I remind you now as you see here, the wolf stuck again, if media did not tell you more about the wolf, then you know who the wolf is

by Paul Alexander

We yearn for the day that moderate muslims & leaders, and I have many friends who are, good decent people, call out and stand against the radical extremist muslims who kill innocent people

So UK, Australia, New Zealand deballed their people and got all the guns…so the wolf can run rampant when they wish and while New Zealand did a good job in keeping lots of the wolf out, some got in and are there, and unless they eject them 100%, the wolf will always be there…

Any ethnicity who preys on others, and seeks to do harm, white, black, anyone, any religion who preys on others to do harm, e.g. Christian, Jewish, Muslim etc…is the wolf.

This is why the 2nd amendment makes the US different and the founding fathers brilliant beautiful people…we must have our right to have firearms…legal, trained, handling it well, storing it and only suing it to defend life…but DEADLY brutal force is a definite must! Once you or family etc. lives are threatened.

It's the wolf that lurks for our daughters…the wolf seeks to rape them up…yes, I call it as it is, go ask Sweden and Denmark etc. how it worked out letting so many wolf in…ask their women, their teens….

We need it to put the wolf down when necessary. Any bad wolves. Obama brought in many wolves, many shapes and sizes but many extremists, so did Bush, and so has Biden…dangerous people they allowed in…why? ask them. …there are no good wolves…Trump was keeping the wolf out…if DeSantis gets the nod, we want him to keep the wolf out and remove some wolves.

Had the wolf been a white male, or even black male, the media would tell you instantly and definitely if a white male…but when there is no description other than it is a male, so basically half of the population, then you get the picture…the wolf struck in New Zealand…notice how the news media turns inside out to bull shit you…

Last September, a Muslim extremist inspired by the Islamic State group stabbed five people in an Auckland supermarket before police shot and killed him. Three of those he stabbed were critically injured and two other people were also injured in the melee, but all survived.


Four wounded in stabbing rampage in Auckland, bystanders bring attacker to the ground