Audio: Trump had chance to fire 100 deep across every US alphabet agency; he did not! They are punishing him! Next, you fire 100 deep across all agencies; its not rank & file, it's rotten upper ranks

by Paul Alexander

It's not the rank & file FBI or CIA or CDC or NIH or FDA or the like, it is the upper echelons, the top ranks, they are corrupted to the core; the vast majority, 95% are good USA loving people, just!

We must start jailing these people! Yes, we have to clean house! Clean house Mr. POTUS. You or Ron, Clean it once and for all! And jail people too!

The prior concern was with the deepstate advising they would tell the public using the media, Trump was deranged and dangerous if he cleaned house. How could he fire so many top people blah blah blah. So there was a pull back and POTUS Trump was about to start early 2020 to clean house, as you would recall, he hit his stride and had China by the nuts and unemployment was 3.4%, lowest in all groups (BLACKS, WOMEN, LATINOS etc.) etc. and he was unstoppable, projected to win 400 electoral and 44 states. Then the fraud COVID virus was released Jan 2020 (well, it was around prior I argue May 2019) but revealed by Fauci and Birx and CDC and NIH and deepstate and WHO then to help topple him. Yes, this virus was part of a scheme to topple a sitting POTUS. All hell after that.

There is a rat in your home, Mr. POTUS. Someone you trust but they are working against you! We know.

Whomever takes the wheel next, must make a clean sweep of all agencies, infected with deepstate marauders, desecrate the constitution and flag, so we get rid of them and rebuild these agencies in terms of how they should operate. They operate these agencies like Lavrentiy Beria.

Someone reminded me, Trump is the only person alive that has access to and leads a 100 million standing army that he can move to his will on a dime, armed to their teeth. Legal, law abiding soldiers. He commands that army!

Strip these agencies to the very studs and burn them down. Dissolve them. Put agencies like CDC in Alaska, get all employees to have to sell homes and take Johnny out of school, Alaska bound. Make their EFF in lives uncomfortable, all the deepstate. Take them on and burn them down! Again, 98% of rank and file are good people, but find out the rotten ones and get rid of them.

Have no mercy on them, POTUS Trump, use every administrative and legal tool you could to put them to pasture, lay waste to all who did wrong! Start too by firing the losers who you surrounded yourself with, hanger-ons, who were two timing you, deceitful, moles. This was a catastrophic infringement on the liberties, freedoms, rights of each and every America and should chill us to the core.