Australia and Ontario give us real hard govn data, to complement the peer reviewed published data, showing that 70% or so in hospital are fully vaccinated...this is a pandemic of the vaccinated

by Paul Alexander

Yes, it is the vaccinated getting infected readily, harboring massive loads, and spreading it, and also getting sick...yes, unvaccinated end up in hospital but they are more compromised to begin with

Australia, NSW, significantly greater number of FULLY vaccinated COVID-19 patients in hospital, as at 9 January 2022; % double vaccinated (almost 70%), % unvaccinated (almost 30%)

In Ontario, data suggests as of January 13th (today), 72% approximately in hospitals, are vaccinated (fully), with 28% unvaccinated; to model, I spilt the ‘partially’ vaccinated between vaccinated and unvaccinated numbers to account for the partially vaccinated, whom I actually consider to be vaccinated.