Australia: births, focus on extreme right hand column, the lower row & what do you see? 6,600 births Dec 2021 from a routine 22,000 births per month across many years to 1975; what happened in 2021?

by Paul Alexander

What happened in 2021 globally in about February and March 2021? What action or policy? A mandate? ssshhhhhh, do not say it too loud, but just maybe, just maybe would the word 'VACCINE' come to mind?

For 40 years, there is clearly a 20,000 average births then all of a sudden, in December 2021, it drops by 70%. You need to know that this is not ‘causal’ as you purists will argue with me, and “Dr. Alexander, how could you prove causation here?”…I will respond with “then you tell me what is your explanation and I might argue that this is same across global nations that had high uptake of these fraud gene injections”. So I gave you my argument and data, now you put up yours. Do not just say NO. Bring some sugar to the table. I am backing up the sugar with some data.

J Rose clued me into the site and data once you toggle it. Praise. Huge intellect.



Focus on the right column and lowest row for December 2021. What do you see? Do you see a 71% drop from December 2020 to December 2021 in births (22,695 to 6.659)? And a 71% drop from October 2021 to December 2021?

see this also by Jessica Rose, colleague of mines, brilliant academic.

Unacceptable Jessica
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