Australia cases/infections today: oh oh, I guess all those lockdowns & all those vaccines did not help did it...yes, we have infectious OMI but this was, with New Zealand, the ones that did it 'RIGHT'

by Paul Alexander

This is what happens when you lockdown to long & too tight and what we told them, that you in effect deny your population sufficient population level natural immunity/herd immunity, so defenseless

As I/we have been saying, if we continue to mass vaccinate with this non-sterilizing vaccine that does not work, does not hit the OMI spike, then with ongoing high viral infectious pressure up against sub-optimal vaccinal immune pressure, then the result will be natural selection will select the variant (s) that could overcome the sub-optimal immune pressure and this will now become enriched in the environment given its competitive advantage. In other words, variant after variant will emerge if we continue the vaccination with these failed harmful vaccines. This pandemic will never end if we continue vaccinating. Never. Never can these non-neutralizing non-sterilizing vaccines cut the chain of transmission so you will never ever get to herd immunity with these. Designed to fail out of the box. IMO, deliberate.

They, CDC, NIH, and Pfizer’s CEP Bourla knows this. They know exactly what they are doing. As does Fauci.

Oh my, the intersection of the trucker with the real science is driving them bat shit crazy now…and I am part of that…and I love it, long live the US and Canadian trucker.