Australia COVID INFECTIONS, CASES, DEATHS, VACCINE RATE JULY 24TH 2022; based on the vaccination rates, do these graphs tell you that the COVID vaccine works? to stop infection or transmission?

by Paul Alexander

To me looks like a COVID vaccine linked directly to increased infections and deaths...but what do I know? Yet what say you? Look at South Africa as to infection, cases, deaths, & vaccine rate & India.

India may have hurt itself with omicron and escalated vaccine rates???? They increased vaccine rates after 2022 began? They were at about 20% vaccine rate October to November 2021 or so. Did this hurt them with a blip increases in cases? Do not forget they use anti-virals (as prophylaxis and treatment). Would have also helped keep infectious pressure down but they balked and I think now paying the price and this new Tomato flu may have antecedents in immune-compromise due to the vaccine in children, young persons. Let us wait and see before we conclude definitively, still too early.

Look at South Africa’s latest COVID omicron wave? See it is actually IMO back to baseline on downward slope, this means herd immunity. Why? Will this last? Look at it’s vaccine rate. Far less than western and European vaccine rates and their excessively elevated infections/cases.