Australia & Japan today: What is happening there with escalating infection & case rates? These nations had highest COVID fraud mRNA vaccine uptakes & boosters, locked down hardest; what's happening?

by Paul Alexander

Locked down too long & hard, no proper baseline natural immunity, large susceptibles still, too much vaccine uptake, no proper access to prophylaxis/early treatment, it's the VACCINE, stupid!

Look at the excess mortality. We have told them over and over and these people will not listen. I am no immunologist or virologist but let me try to explain how I understand this.

If you mass vaccinate (and boost) across age-groups and into a pandemic with elevated infectious pressure (while virus is circulating), and using a vaccine that does not sterilize the virus (a vaccine that is non-neutralizing, does not stop infection, replication, transmission as is the COVID gene vaccine), a vaccine that induces antigen-specific, non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies, then Darwinian natural selection pressure (due to mounting vaccinal antibodies that have not yet reached its maximal fully matured & developed ‘binding affinity’ for the antigen epitopes/binding sites) will play a strong role. This mounting sub-optimal immune pressure will ‘pressure’ the spike antigen or infectiousness of the virus. The virus can bind to the virus but not neutralize it.

With selection pressure, there will be consequent viral immune escape, with original antigenic sin (I call it ‘mortal antigenic sin) (immune fixation, immune priming, pathogenic priming, prejudicing to the initial prime or exposure, recalling induced antibodies to the initial prime), and thus the viral mutants that are ‘fittest’ and ‘strongest’ that can overcome this sub-optimal mounting population immune pressure will be selected forward, and become enriched in the environment and become dominant. You saw this in Delta and Omicron and all of its sub-variants/clades. There will thus be ongoing continual transmission and as such, waves. You will also see the waves not coming back to baseline and as such not getting to herd immunity. In other words, those doing this, those pharma and health officials and policy makers doing this, know full well that this pandemic will continue for 100 more years, with infectious variant after infectious variant.

It is happening in Japan and Australia. What next? Lockdowns again? ZERO COVID madness? Masks? None of it worked in the past and will not and ‘never’ work now!

If you left the population alone, allow them to develop natural immunity that would get them to herd immunity. Many may already be immune but you are now damaging their natural immunity (layering vaccine immunity on top of natural immunity) with this fraud vaccine that is subverting it and even causing cancers to explode in metastasis. Just stop this fraud vaccine madness, it is causing the virus to be transmitted from the vaccinated. The data is clear on this. It is the vaccine, stupid! It is the vaccine (and boosters) that is driving the infections and subsequent hospitalizations and even death in particularly older persons.

Focus on the use of anti-viral chemo-prophylaxis, early treatment, and also nasal-oral washes (povidone-iodine 10% diluted or oral hydrogen peroxide, no swallow). Do not use any of the Pfizer products for this pandemic, nor Moderna. No Paxlovid, none of it. None of their mRNA vaccines and never ever give healthy ‘statistical zero’ risk children these fraud shots.

I have shown this before and here again. Why has South Africa done so well especially as to Omicron?