Australia, NSW, significantly greater number of FULLY vaccinated COVID-19 patients in hospital, as at 9 January 2022; % double vaccinated (almost 70%), % unvaccinated (almost 30%)

by Paul Alexander

Same trend though roughly similar but double vaccinated greater numbers in ICU (50 vs 49%) than unvaccinated; it is the vaccinated, we have been screaming, who are driving this pandemic

Data published by the NSW government’s COVID-19 Critical Intelligence Unit has revealed that as of Jan. 9, 68.9 percent of COVID-19 patients aged 12 and over in hospitals had two doses of the vaccine;

All this while we grapple with the failed effectiveness of the three COVID-19 vaccines available in the US. “Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine dropped to 58% in September, Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine fell to 43.3%, and Johnson & Johnson’s shot declined to 13.1%. The effectiveness is even lower now in January 2022, below 50% and we have CEO Bourla of Pfizer saying the double dose offers limited protection ‘if any’ with only ‘reasonable protection from 3rd booster. Raise your hands of you want a 4th dose?

It is failed folks, these vaccines never worked…we will start talking in that language soon…the truth ‘is never far behind’…

And we have been lied to since day 1. I wrote many times that the data Pfizer presented to FDA was botched and FDA I think knew it, the FDA is part of the near fraud we have been subjected to with these vaccines. It failed the 50% threshold for EUA authorization. When I (and BMJ) did a back calculation, we see that the RRR dropped to less than 20% when we re-include the over 3,000 persons they omitted from the calculations who were suspected but not lab confirmed.

Remember, it was Hahn, Trump’s lead of the FDA who said that the agency wouldn’t approve COVID-19 vaccines for EUA that did not get to 50% effectiveness against infection. As it stands,

You have to understand, we never ever vaccinate into a pandemic as we did here, for we will only cause variants (natural selection of the fittest) as we are using a sub-optimal non-sterilizing vaccine. This is a different conversation had the vaccine been sterilizing that would stop infection and transmission, these did not, never did. In fact, the manufacturers told you this, they told us we are selling you a fake vaccine, CANNOT work.

All of this day 1, was to deny and pretend early treatment drugs do not work so you could bring the vaccine and get the EUA…they could not authorize EUA if there were safe and effective drugs on deck…there were safe and effective drugs on deck, but the FDA and NIH, Fauci et al. had to discredit IVM and HCQ etc. so that EUA could be given…

We were defrauded day 1. Hundreds of thousands have died needlessly in US and globally because of what was done here, and I and others told you the vaccine does not work and will never work, not these vaccines. Were never ever needed. Not trying to repeat myself.